Hong Kong Octopus Card

So, I went bonkers lor when I saw Felicia’s Octopus Cards (octopi?)… they’re something like EZLink cards, except they have way cool limited edition collaborations with designers / brands, and they can be used for anything – including paying for your parking lot, your groceries at supermarkets or even fast food.



Octopus X Carrie Chau


Octopus X My Melody

and some others I found at their official site:


I don’t care so much about the increased functionality (yet…)(I think we will eventually get there lah), but HOW COME OUR EZLINK CARDS NOT SO CHIO? I guess SMRT just doesn’t care too much about making the ezlink card fashionable :<

wehh. so normal. so ugly.

Ah Meow Café, Hong Kong

Ah Meow was a random hole in the wall we decided to visit since we heard about it and were in the area. It was pretty hard trying to locate it, and it lacks signboards and ads directing you to it but after some intense walking and google-mapping, we managed to find the place!

This Hong Kong cat cafe is super different from its Korean counterparts, and I’d have to say I kinda prefer the Korean Cat Cafés more. They’re more well planned out in terms of their interiors – like having their F&B prep area tucked neatly in a corner, and their cat toilets well hidden. This one offered a more extensive menu (vs only drinks in Korea), which included cakes, pasta, chocolates and instant noodles. I only had a longan honey tea so I can’t comment much about the food. The cats didn’t seem to have any interest in human food, so rest assured, your food is safe. It seems though, that while Korean cat cafes provide you with toys and you can pay for snacks to feed cats, you have to come equipped with your own if you’d like to get the attention of these otherwise rather lackadaisical felines from Hong Kong.

What I liked about this one was that it was really cosy and had an artistic, laid back, indie touch to it. Many hand drawn characters adorn its walls, as well as notes and doodles from customers, and photos of the cats. They also sold stationery, accessories, and did made-to-order cakes. Ah Meow also offers boardgames for customers to while time away.

Pic dump:




Ah Meow Cat Café
Level 3, 2-6 Foo Ming St Po Ming Building
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong