Dinner @ OKB

Finally checked out OKB (Our Kind of Bakery / One Kampung Bahru)! Disclaimer: it was opened by my talented friend Jeremy Cheok, but this review is IMPARTIAL!!

Anyways, here it is! A cosy little nook off Kampung Bahru. We came in a group of 6 and had a bit of trouble getting a table. Looks like they cater to small groups of max 4 – the seating area isn’t very big; in fact the kitchen takes up most of the floor space!



Cameron had this half wrap (omelette?) – $5


Asian Roasted Veggies – $8

Another so-so dish, but I like daikon and it’s loaded with it so. I liked this.


Roast Pork Belly, $20

What we came for, but sadly, was just an okay dish – skin was nice and crispy, fats melted in your mouth, but that’s kind of everything you expect from sio bak right?


Roast Beef, $21

Well worth it, the cut was great, the sauce was a good balance between tangy and sweet, onions were a little spicy which cut through all the rich flavour. Meat was perfectly done. Everyone agreed that this was the star of the meal. (Until we had dessert.)



Belacan Midjoints – $10

Small in size, but packs quite a punch. Appreciated that the belacan wasn’t too overpowering. Skin was crispy, meat was tender.


Shepherd’s Pie – $10

Kind of expected a traditional shepherd’s pie, this one surprised me because it had 3 meatballs inside. Not a bad thing, not a bad thing. The sweet potato mash was a nice touch.


Sticky Date Pudding, $9


Peanut Butter Cupcake, $3


I don’t remember what this was called, but it was like a soft cookie filled with chocolate bits, $3.50


Lemon Cream Tart, $3.50


If you’re a cupcake person I’d really recommend their cupcakes!!! It made all of us make very strange sounds (of pleasure). In general, the deserts really won me over and outshone the tapas dishes. Oh but that beef dish was goood. Gogogo. I’d like to return for their brunch one day.

1 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169339
Tel: 6220 4711

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 11am to 6pm
Closed on Sats and Sundays


Cupcake Engineer

Walked past this cupcake place on the way to Societe Canteen. Thought I’d give it a try cos they had pretty unique flavours, like bandung and horlicks and pineapple tart!


  • Pricing. $4 a pop.
  • Unenthusiastic staff.


  • Flavours that are “different”
  • Swiss meringue buttercream. Seriously. It’s buttery and smooth and light. I like it.
  • Cupcakes weren’t too dense / moist / dry. Just nice.

The window display that got me.

Price list

Salted Caramel


Cupcake Engineer
501 Bukit Timah Road
#01-03A Cluny Court
Tel: 96474372

Opening hours:
Tue-Sun: 11am to 9pm

For more cupcakes in Singapore, check out:
Plain Vanilla

Cupcakes at Swirls

Warning: cupcakes ahead!

Visited Swirls at Rodyk Street (very near Kith and Toby’s!) for a tasting session, thanks to Danish 🙂 I was accompanied by le food blogger extraordinaire, Alexis.


Look at this cutie patootie who was so excited about cupcakes! SOOOOO CUTE!!!

Okay! Moving on, Swirls is a little shop that’s tucked at the corner of a building. The story goes like this – Danish and his wife had an epic American road trip, and they tried many epic cupcakes, and they decided that they should bring these epic cupcakes to Singapore.

They serve a wide variety of cupcakes in different sizes – tiny, regular and COLOSSAL!

Never seen a colossal cupcake? Scroll down –














Comparison between a tiny and a colossal. It’s HUGE!!

Swirls also sells art created by students from Pathlight. It’s great that they give back to society.

And… we were treated to quite a spread of regular cupcakes, tiny cupcakes and cake pops! Accompanied by lavender tea.

Very pretty!

Regulars cost about $3.95 – $4.10 and Tinys from $2.50 – $2.80.

Our top faves:

3rd: Tiramisu – you can taste actual coffee in the moist centre!


2nd: Vanilla Chocolate – vanilla cupcake with chocolate butter cream frosting. This might sound diabetic but it really wasn’t too sweet, and I appreciated its simplicity.


1st: Red Velvet – Crimson chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting! This one was really good – the red velvet went very well with the frosting.



Carrot cake – nice texture


Strawberry burst – made with fresh strawberries


They used pretty heart sprinkles ❤

Nuts about you – chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting! Not a fan of the M&M toppings though…


Very Vanilla – Vanilla cupcake with vanilla butter cream frosting


Nutella – Chocolate cupcake with Nutella center & hazlenut butter cream frosting


Cake pops: were a little too dense and too sweet for us… the texture is like chocolate


Our cupcake graveyard!! Couldn’t eat it all!

Colossal cupcake in the making

They have an alfresco dining area too, for those who prefer to chill by the river.

What I appreciate about Swirls is that they pay attention to what goes into the cupcakes – no artificial flavours used. Would visit again for that red velvet! Try our top 3 choices if you’re in the area. While you’re at it, order the lavender tea too – it does a good job in washing down all that sugar!!

Would have to agree with Alexis though – can’t beat Plain Vanilla

8 Rodyk Street
#01-08 (off Robertson Quay)
Singapore 238216
T: +65 6634 4765
E: order@swirls.com.sg

Facebook | Twitter

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 19:00

St Pat’s day cupcakes

Guess where I went for my cupcake fix again?

Plain Vanilla lah. Heard that they had 2 new flavors to usher in St Patty’s Day and they sounded so yummy I had to try them –

“We’re not big fans of Guinness – but Dumbledore-worthy magic happens when you mix copious amounts of stout with large portions of cocoa powder in cake batter. We struggle to put it in words, but if we had to try – the result is a cake that is intensely chocolatey yet fluffy and light; plain in appearance but interestingly flavourful.

We pair it with our signature cream cheese frosting so the chocolate stout cake (deservedly) takes the limelight, then gently dust some cocoa powder over to finish.”

“To do just that, we made a cupcake that we think is quintessentially Irish – a boozy one. A vanilla-Irish cream cake with a centre of dark chocolate fudge spiked with Irish cream, topped with an Irish cream frosting and a rich Irish cream-infused truffle (homemade, no less).”

Descriptions taken from their Facebook page

I liked the Irish cream one a lot! The alcohol isn’t too overpowering but it’s enough to lend a kick to the cupcake. The cake is also light enough to complement the heavier toppings. The chocolate stout one tasted just like it sounds – like a hearty mixture of chocolate and beer.

Two thumbs up for both cupcakes! Only available till 1 April so head down soon to try them!

34A Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277691
website / @pvbakery
Open Tues-Sat 12pm-8pm and Sun 12pm-6pm.

Plain Vanilla Bakery

Writing a quick post on Plain Vanilla! It’s a lovely little bakery that’s sharing a space with a salon called “Mad About Hair”. It’s on the 2nd level in the building opposite Harry’s, above a spanish (I think?) restaurant.

These are possibly the best cupcakes in Singapore!!! Costs $3.20 for one, $18 for half a dozen. Before you start complaining that WAH so EX for a cake or whatever, prease hor, it’s super worth the moolah! WHY? Continue reading