2012 – 2013


Happy New Year!! Bob and I had a lot of fun on a short road trip to Malacca. We spent new year’s eve counting down with many random strangers on Jonker Street and I was SUPER STOKED because I could play with POP POP.


Who remembers this! They banned it in Singapore. It cost like 50c MYR per packet or something, the uncle was like, “how many you want? 10?”

I said we couldn’t take it across the border.


We also tried locating Aunty Mango but she was already packing up – because everyone else was.

We stayed at Philea which is like an eco friendly place near the tolls slightly off Malacca town.



As you can see, we stayed in a log cabin. Pretty nice room. If you look at the top right pic of the first photo, it looks like the pool is made up of 3 cool looking ponds and a legit pool further down in the horizon. I thought that it was a pretty cool concept for a pool, but it was indeed 3 ponds (which was really stagnant water that’s not meant for swimming), a medium sized pool and a wading pool.

Now we were looking for some peace and quiet at the pool but it was teeming with young adults who were there in large groups playing games. Loud and craaazy. We didn’t really explore much of Philea.

We had better things to do.

Eat, of course.

Dinner was at Nancy’s Kitchen. Nonya fare, and we met the friendly nonya herself. I love Nonya food – mighty rich in flavor and tastes so home cooked!


Sambal belacan, stir fried wing beans, salted veg and duck soup,

Babi pongteh, ayam buah keluak, chinchalok omelette,

Sambal fried rice, kueh pie tee, badongdong juice and lime plum juice.

Durian pancake, not pictured.

Entire meal cost us about SGD$30.

Kueh Pie Tee and Babi Pongteh were phenomenal. The rest, so-so.

We proceeded to kill time by walking up and down Jonker. I made the mistake of spending like, MYR50 on floral tea, unaware that that was all that was left in our wallet. So we were broke after. (But able to afford POP POP!!)

They were selling these confetti launchers all over the place and practically one in three people on jonker had one. So when new year struck the entire place was FILLEDDdd with confetti! Fun fact; everyone started counting down at different times.



Kind of pretty isn’t it?

The next day we headed to track down Baba Charlie’s house and also the famous duck noodles. or YAK MIAN, you must say it with the Malaysian accent!!

Famous duck mee, bottom right, very shiok. On the left is 3C coffee, Bob says instead of sugar they use wheatgrass. I don’t know. It tasted pretty good anyway. Carrot cake was blah.

Address: Kedai Kopi & Makanan Soon Yen Kg 9, Jalan Tengkera

Then we headed to Baba Charlie which was just down the road!!! It’s a house that sells many different sorts of kueh kuehs, freshly made.




Look at that face?

Address: 72 Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2, Melaka Tengah
Tel: 06 – 284 7209
GPS: N02 12.195, E102 13.897

after buying kuehs we headed back for my belated birthday din with the family. well, after stopping by the jb outlets, getting solely disappointed, and then getting ourselves some good ol Malaysian KFC.

That sums up our really brief trip. I would like to formally thank my boyfriend mr bob for trips like these when i need to escape from reality at times, for driving for hours on end, for always being there for me, and i am sorry i did not know how to enjoy the champagne (fun fact: i do not like champagne.) and i fell asleep rather early. yes.

you promised me 2013 would be better, and i trust you with all my heart.

This is actually our 2nd trip to Malacca. Read the best food we had during our first trip here.