Loop & Meet

Eat. Shop. Watch a movie.

Nothing much else to do in Singapore, innit?

If you’re the sort of social bug that loves attending events or organizing them, Singtel’s got an amazing app that facilitates such things.

With Loop & Meet, it’s easy to create events and track who’s attending them. Reach out to friends via Facebook, email and even SMS, and consolidate their attendance on one platform. It’s not even a prerequisite for them to download the app, which makes it even more convenient for everyone.

Some shots of the interface:



Once the event page has been created, it acts very much like a Facebook event page. You can check out the event’s details, see who else is invited, track who’s going and even have a group discussion.

The “Discover” tab lets you browse through hundreds of things to do in Singapore, categorised for easy browsing: movies, music, leisure, night out, arts, festivals and family. (Events are refreshed daily from inSing.com)

The “Events” tab consolidates events you have been invited to.

So yeah! I think it’s a pretty functional and useful app. I’ve already used it to organize a birthday party. Loop & Meet is available on iPhone & Android. To download, just search “Loop & Meet” on the App Store / Google Play Store or scan the following codes:




The Best Way to Beat Insomnia

I need to share this sleep inducing app.

Now before you get all apeshit and say STEPH how can you be so gullible. Let me share my experience.

It’s the most effective sleep inducing thing okay, and trust me I’ve tried close to everything, from drinking chamomile tea to warm milk to melatonin (no effect :<) to dousing myself in wine (okay, quite effective.).

The story goes something like this:

One night I was up, like at 3 or 4, not being able to sleep because I was too awake. Happens pretty frequently. So I tweeted something about not being able to sleep.

Zhili tweeted back, asking me to try this app.

I was doubting it (sorry Zhili) and told her I was too lazy to download it.

After about 20 mins of tossing and turning, I decided that I should try it. No harm right? So I downloaded SleepStream2 (free version…) and selected “deep sleep” or something along those lines. I heard the sound of rain playing through my speakers.

5 minutes later, I was asleep.


It’s crazy man. I’ve used it thrice so far and it hasn’t failed me. I haven’t fully figured out how to use it but hey, whatever works as long as I get to sweet sweet slumber. It states that it’s designed for headphones but it sure as hell works through an iPhone speaker.

If you find yourself unable to sleep at certain godforsaken hours in the morning, or super sleepy in the office but find it impossible to take a power nap cos you take too long to fall asleep, try this app.



You can pick from different sounds! My favorite is… rain. You can even go into details like distant thunder, on tent, in city…


Use the app for naps, and apparently meditation and learning (?). Powernaps are great with this – you fall asleep easily and wake up gently with the timer and alarm funciton.

From their website:

Studies suggest that a power-nap can raise energy levels by 30% and be as effective as three hours of normal sleep. A Power-nap is a short sleep session which terminates before deep sleep (or slow wave, delta sleep) occurs. Scientific experiments show that an average power-nap duration of 20 minutes is most effective.

SleepStream’s timer function makes it easy to enjoy power-naps! Simply engage the timer and alarm button, and SleepStream will gently wake you after your session has ended.


They even have calming pics on their visualizer. I am too lazy to rotate.

Here they sort of explain what the sorcery is:



From Wiki:

Binaural beats or binaural tones are auditory processing artifacts, or apparent sounds, the perception of which arises in the brain for specific physical stimuli. This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, and earned greater public awareness in the late 20th century based on claims that binaural beats could help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states. The effect on the brainwaves depends on the difference in frequencies of each tone: for example, if 300 Hz was played in one ear and 310 in the other, then the binaural beat would have a frequency of 10 Hz.

Quite cheem ah. I still don’t really understand. You can get more info at their website.

Just try, let me know if it works.

Sleep well!!!


Thanks everyone for taking part in the #InstantPower contest! I had a super super hard time picking the winners but here you are –

In no particular order,

    1. @dickswagger
      I need #InstantPower because my phone’s battery cannot keep up with my Draw Something addiction. NEED MOAR JUICE.
    2. @jemmawei
      this #SoMe addict needs #InstantPower & the lumia’s flap doesn’t let me use traditional portable chargers! 😦
    3. @terencethen
      I need the charger because I has a sad phone die every single time and I can’t do anything abt it, making me more sad
      (don’t sad already!)
    4. @zaihar
      Doing reservist soon. 11hr work shift. Calls are essential while on duty. No place to charge iPhone. I need it!
    5. @ahleeshan
      Beloved @stooffi, i need #InstantPower so I can stop looking through people’s legs at eateries for a socket, like a…

      (k, how can u say no to this dog, really?)
    6. @pohtecktoes
      did I mention that I’m a nomad during the weekends now tt my parents sold away the hse? Which is why I need #InstantPower!
      (he also tweeted me like, 4 times, so I figured he must really need it) 

Will be in touch with all of you soon to get your deets! For the rest, I feel really bad that I can’t choose all of you 😐 if you really need it please go buy! It’s $29.90! Quite affordable la right?
Till next time, when I have more stuff to give away!~

I have succumbed. and changed to timeline.

After many months of trying to avoid using this (imo) hideous feature, Facebook suddenly thought it would be a good idea to give me a preview of myself on timeline (HORRORS!!) and to tell me that well, I could play around with it (gee thanks) and that it would be implemented by 21 March.

SO, since I would be FORCED to use this timeline feature, I decided to take the opportunity to use it to highlight my displeasure.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my timeline: Continue reading

SONY USB Portable Power Supply

Hello friends!!! I have good news! Thanks to good folks at SONY, I have 6 portable USB chargers to give away!


in black


in white

Some specs –

  • Battery capacity of 2,000 mAh
  • Charging via computer’s USB port
  • Micro USB cable included
  • 500x rechargeable
  • Compatible with most smartphones
I don’t see who wouldn’t benefit from having a handy extra power supply around. I suppose a lot of you (like me,) do too much on your phones right… Tweet… Facebook… play Draw Something… Scramble with Friends (:<)… take photos… Instagram… WhatsApp… listen to music…
If you don’t have constant access to a power supply your phone sure tak ada juice very fast right? Continue reading

On GE2011 & social media

I’ll start off by saying that even though I didn’t get a chance to vote this year, I appreciated the role social media played in this year’s GE.

2011 marks the first time many, especially those in my age group, get to vote this year. I used to think the greater population would be as apathetic as I was; but was fortunately proven wrong. As much as I didn’t want to read about politics, a myriad of voices appeared on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, forcing an apathetic individual like me to be more informed about the shortfalls of the government, dissenting views, and strengths of the opposition. I appreciated the educated discourse that was going on on Facebook; many of my own peers wrote notes that backed opinions with hard facts; some humorously satirical, but I enjoyed reading them. I think this greatly improved transparency and propelled better educated votes.

Some good pieces:

Regardless of the election outcome, I am worried for Singapore” – Lee Seng Wai

Which maid to choose?” – Ming Lee Lim

I also very much enjoyed watching the “Now You Know – Election Special” hosted by Irene Ang on clicknetwork.tv and of course Mr. Brown‘s “The Stall Next Door

Dissenting votes are now heard and recorded, and I hope the PAP takes time to listen in and improve on the raised points – they don’t have much excuse not to.

Hopefully they now understand the importance of social media and the part it plays in Singapore’s politics; and that they ramp up their own social media strategies – it obviously hasn’t been going well for them.


Tin Pei Ling admits ‘honest mistake’: it was my admin who posted snide remark about Nicole Seah” – The Temasek Review

PAP banner ad, PAP Marine Parade Facebook calls commenter “ignorant”, Cynthia Phua tweeting in 3rd person and of course, the “#butwhy” fiasco ft Pat Law (all recorded by Mr. Brown)

Definitely could do with being more personal – granted you can get people to manage your platforms for you, but they should reflect your voice; and perhaps certain processes and policies should be set in black and white can help reduce the amount of adverse messages put across, which evidently can result in serious backlash.

So, as apathetic as I was, I’m currently in my hall room now without a TV, following a live stream at http://www.ge.sg. Tried following the hashtag #sgelections today but it was moving too fast – tweedeck still says my tweet stream is still “being throttled”, but it’s been exciting. We even got trending worldwide for a bit. sg pride right there. Twitter provided on the ground updates – much based on hearsay, but provided more up to date info if you filtered it out right. Still awaited the official results from CNA.

This is definitely 100x more exciting than NDP. Or American Idol results.

Personally, it’s a pity to see Mr George Yeo and Mr Chiam See Tong (but yes, he deserves to retire lah) leave. And that the seemingly formidable Nicole Seah didn’t get a seat. (Instead, TPL did…) For these losses I hope that PAP experiences some sort of paradigm shift, and proves that it are worthy of the support given.

So now that results are (more or less) out, I suppose many might agree to disagree, BUT HEY! Guess who the big winner and rising superstar of tonight is…

…MR YAM AH MEE, RETURNING OFFICER EXTRAORDINAIRE! Please, how can you deny his allure. He has managed to garner 22K (and growing!) likes in less than 3 hours. WHO CAN BEAT THAT. You must check out his fan page, it is really FTW.

Alright damn hungry already. Hopefully I can get back to studying. Oh yes please wish yo mamas happy mamas day! 

p.s. I don’t understand how SO MANY VOTES CAN GET VOIDED??? Seriously guys? Heard some draw pictures, some write essays, some cross more than one, some even cross the one they don’t want. :\