An Open Letter to Preston Waters

Dear Mr Waters,

I was intrigued by the headline of your recent article, “Why It Is Impossible For Entrepreneurs To Have Girlfriends”. I clicked through out of curiosity.

While the first paragraph got me nodding in agreement, things started going downhill at the end of the second and eventually depreciated into a puddle of male chauvinism.

Mr Waters, if you’ve got no game, don’t blame it on being an entrepreneur.

Granted, entrepreneurs make many sacrifices and are generally more dedicated to their work than the average person. Possible financial strains and the lack of time together might make things less ideal, but that does not mean that having a relationship should be a notion thrown out of the window.

However, the best entrepreneurs I know are quite the opposite from what you describe them to be – they are the best at multitasking, are able to handle multiple priorities and are able to maintain relationships as solid as their business foundations.

They are also able to communicate well, both in the role of a boyfriend or husband, and a successful entrepreneur. Though they work ridiculously hard, the are always in control, and struggle, but always manage to find a balance in their lives.

The paragraph that angered me most, Mr Waters, was this:
“Women are attention whores. They hear you have money, and they flock to you. They can’t understand that the entrepreneurial life comes first. You might have to cancel your dinner plans. You might forget an anniversary. Drop a ho, your priorities are straight.”

1. The last I checked, there are many successful women out there capable of financial independence. We do not need men for this.
2. The last I checked, woman are looking for far more than money in a man.
3. There are also many female entrepreneurs out there.
4. This also just goes to show where your priorities lie, and it makes me feel rather sad for you.

I don’t even want to expand on the choice of images you have chosen to accompany your article. A man looking longingly at the woman who is seducing him. A seemingly topless blonde with her mouth in an O, covered in lipstick marks. Two women, straddling their sun-kissed men (alright, sitting on their shoulders). The grand finale – a bare bodied couple; the woman’s back facing the viewer, with her supple right buttcheek getting a little squeeze from her man. Coupled with the fact that you equate having a girlfriend with lust and a “consistent, needy pussy”… there’s only one conclusion we readers can make:

Mr Waters, it’s evident it’s been a while.

Judging from another misogynistic article you wrote later in February (V-Day loneliness?), you probably are suffering from a bad breakup. What made you hate my species so much?

Give us another chance. Nothing should stop you from pursuing love! (What an optimist, I am!) Here are some tips (if you ever decide to embark on this pursuit) –

Stop hanging out with material girls.
Listen to yourself, drop the hos.
Spend less time making such videos.
Be less of a narcissist.

And perhaps then, you’ll manage to get yourself a girlfriend. A good one, who will respect you and your needs, whether it is to be an entrepreneur or otherwise.

Good luck.

Faith in Singaporeans, killed once again.

OKAY so a few days ago I got really sick of reading complaints about the haze and people playing the blame game.

But this has taken things to a new low – for our clean and green outlook, some Singaporeans display some seriously ugly behavior.

1st: it doesn’t make sense that there are insanely long queues for Hello Kitty, and people actually queue overnight for this doll which probably cost McDees like, $2 or less to make. EVEN N95 QUEUE NOT SO SIAO.

2nd: it doesn’t make sense that SO MANY people go through all that effort to buy them in bulk and resell them at about $50, up to thousands of dollars

2013-06-28 12.27.44 am2013-06-28 12.28.07 am2013-06-28 12.28.23 am(screencaps taken from ebay)

3rd: it doesn’t make sense that people will actually buy them for thousands of dollars??

4th: SINGING BONES – just doesn’t make sense lah. (OK schooled myself – it’s a German fairytale by the Grimm Brothers)

5th: it doesn’t make sense that these grown men have nothing better to do than to queue overnight for Hello Kitty, and then buay paiseh wanna call media and police down just cos they cannot get more than 2 Hello Kitties???

6th: Some of the trash they said in the vid, does not make sense. 


McD nice staff lady: Ya, we really apologize for that

Horde of angry uncles: WE DON’T ACCEPT YOUR APOLOGY!!!

(whalao kudos to the McD nice lady for keeping her cool man. Jeezzz must get so angry over Hello Kitty?)

Angry ahbeng: HOW DO I KNOW YOUR 2 UNTIL HERE IS 2? (say whuttt?)



*Hello Kitty queuers cheer*

(even got hokkien translation) Wa qia mata jiak la, mata lai escort wa buay la!



Seriously people, please find something better and more meaningful to do. Don’t let a cat with no mouth rob you of your graciousness.

*Disclaimer: Bob and I both have Lion Kitty.

If you’re in the service sector the least you could have is some respect for others.

Today I’m going to rant about a prime example of someone who does not belong in the service sector. I am going to be a typical Singaporean and COMPLAIN.

So the entire day I was plagued with the worst migraine ever. I had a meeting to attend at 10pm and it wasn’t letting up so I stopped by Cheers to get Panadol before the meeting.

I was looking around Cheers for Panadol, only to find it located next to the cashier. The only way for me to browse Panadols was to stand in front of the cashier.

So that’s what I did. The cashier lady said:


Like, it wasn’t even a question okay. She just looked all pissy and irritated.

I told her I needed Panadol, and asked if they sold them in separate blisters. She said no, only in “packets”.

I stood there looking at the different types of Panadol – there are so many now okay. Red packets, green packets, blue packets, the kind you can dissolve in water etc. I couldn’t move away / somewhere else that wasn’t blocking the cashier because of where the Panadol was located. There were like 3 people behind me now and I was trying my best to make a quick decision.

She asks again, what do you want.

And I said, Panadol, and continued trying to figure out which one I should be buying. 2 seconds later she uses a really frustrated tone.



I understand that there were customers behind but I needed time to make a decision and I totally did not appreciate how she was talking to me? But of course I didn’t voice this out la I just raised an eyebrow, pointed to the cheapest one and she took it and scanned it. I made the purchase etc…

Only to walk out and realize that what she gave me wasn’t Panadol. It didn’t even contain paracetamol. It was some medication for upset stomachs or flatulence or something.

I walked back in, got back into the queue, and told her that whatever she passed me wasn’t Panadol, which was what I stated I needed. Twice.

She started getting all defensive.

I sighed.


She continued.


Please give me Panadol.

So she reluctantly processed the refund. I picked out the right box of Panadol and handed it to her, just to be safe.

I was so annoyed!!!!

1. If you run a business that requires some of your employees to be customer facing, please choose the right people, or at least train them / imbibe in them some proper code of conduct or simple values they should hold on to when serving customers. And also this is why we need foreign talent la. Seriously. Singaporeans don’t make the best service staff. (There are exceptions.) I would say the best service staff I’ve ever come across are from the Philippines.

Before you say, oh, maybe she had a long day etc etc etc; you will never understand lah. I myself have been in the service sector. I know how hard it is to face people every day, who, most of the time don’t appreciate you enough to say thank you and even scold you once in a while. I know how annoying and tiring it is to stand for a good 7-8 hours in heels, mind you. I know how much of a struggle it is to work long shifts. I’m the sort who reprimands idiotic customers who push their weight around and believe they belong to an upper echelon just because they’re customers and you’re service staff.

But I also know that I took up the job knowing that it’s going to be that way, and that part of my job is to serve, thus as upset as I was, I never ever gave a customer attitude, much less raised my voice at one. Which brings me to my 2nd point:

2. If you are in the service sector, the least you could do is RESPECT your customers. I’m not even asking you to smile all day and be whoohoo positive. If you’re the sort that’s quick to anger and show it, please rethink your choice of career. There are many other choices available, trust me. Just look for them. As service staff it’s easy to justify that your job is tough, it’s tough to serve people esp Singaporeans, but hey, please just bear in mind that your customers might be having a worse day.

Aight that is all. Gonna hug a cat now.