So I went back to NYGH to talk to a bunch of Sec 3s…

Initially I was reluctant because I don’t think I’m a suitable giver-of-advice and it’s actually pretty daunting to speak to fifteen year olds… at first I didn’t quite remember what it was like to be fifteen, but I dug out some stuff and the memories came flooding back. And even more memories came flooding back when I was back at the campus!

In any case, here are my slides:

The main gist is that you can use the Internet to do things beyond yourself! The possibilities are endless, and if someone like me can do it, what’s stopping fifteen year olds? They’re wayyyy more well versed in stuff like social media and blogs, and they have the access to the support of the school and fellow students.
Anyway, it all turned out well. Of course, Nanyang Girls are very polite and respectful (in front of me) and unlike the terrors I heard of elsewhere hehe. I even overran my time – couldn’t take questions. If any of you happen to be lurking, feel free to send me an email or tweet me ok? I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll be happy to help in whatever way I can. To the three that personally came up to me to chat, thank you so much for your feedback and I was really really happy to speak to you guys!! It meant a lot to get positivity from you girls, a decade younger. More than I ever thought it would. In fact, it’s a pretty nice feeling to be socially validated by fifteen year olds. HA.
I spent a good amount of time just eating at the canteen and wandering around, especially at the art department. Studying for Os and other exams were really stressful back then, but on hindsight, I miss those years so much. Mrs Tan caught me smiling outside her art history class like a creep and invited me in… I was secretly thrilled because I saw a lot of familiar art pieces, even concept boards lying around. 2004 AEP girls – we’ve left our mark hehe.


Nanyang’s campus has got to be the best designed building I’ve ever schooled in btw. It’s gorgeous!

Here’s an interesting new addition:


They have a self-run cafe called 4 degrees cafe that was established to sustain the plant / herb garden just outside (where students can also sit at). Coffee grounds go into the compost bin and is turned into fertilizer that helps these plants grow. While I was sitting there, I overheard the teacher in charge teaching them about how to run a business, how to serve customers and how to make coffee. Such a lucky bunch!



I suddenly remembered a blog I kept as a teen and went to access it – some of the stuff in there made me cringe; but it was probably the best favor I did to myself. Write. I could tell that I was immensely lonely, and that writing was my only outlet. And though 90% of the stuff in there is shit there’s 10% of brilliance that I think only teenage angst and emoness could provoke. I actually wrote poems, read, painted and drew a lot more. I almost forgot about that part of my life, and I just spent hours reading through my teenage years. I was pretty much depressed, jaded and trapped.

Glad I’m not a teen anymore.

It’s 4:30am and I’m watching Nicole Scherzinger sing

and no, not with the Pussycat Dolls. Not decked in skin tight leather. Not gyrating her hips sexily. Not loosening up any buttons, babe.

I’m seeing an absolute new side of Scherzy that I’ve never seen before. Broadway Scherzy. Who would’ve thought?

It started with this video:

And she sang this LIVE, mind you. Stay till the end and watch her change octaves flawlessly. Pitch perfect. She really holds her ground, even with 4 other male veterans singing with her.

Next, look at her perform this piece from Evita.

There she is just standing in one spot, wearing a very nice gown (nice boobs btw). Evita was one of the first musicals I’d ever watched, and I love all the songs in it. Scherzy did this song justice.

Finally, here she is in RENT:

Definitely have newfound respect for her. She’s come a long way huh??

Nicknames of popular Kopitiam drinks in Singapore.

I love this! And this is legit – if you haven’t, try ordering with one of their hawker monikers instead 🙂

Nicknames of popular Kopitiam drinks in Singapore (Kopi Uncle) from the little dröm store on Vimeo.

Coke Light = lai3 kor3 (underwear)
Milo = tak4 kiu2 (kick ball / football)
Kickapoo = kap poh (frog)
Grass Jelly + Soy Milk = Michael Jackson

Nicknames of popular Kopitiam drinks in Singapore (Kopi Auntie) from the little dröm store on Vimeo.

Chinese tea = diao4 yu2 (fishing)
Carrot juice = xiao3 bai2 tu4 (little white rabbit)
Ice lemon tea = Clementi (???HAHAHA esp the way the Auntie says it)
Mineral Water = LIU DE HUA???

lol! and the pug butt is love.



Just read this.

While I was in Bandung (just yesterday) I did feel like Singaporeans were a huge bunch of whiners because all I saw was griping on social media, and it’s like the haze rendered everyone immobile.

Now that I’m back I can see why people would react so strongly. Before I left, PSI hit >100 and people in Beijing were saying that it’s normal and wouldn’t be much to worry about. It was bearable then. As I type, the PSI has hit >400. While the smell is tolerable, my throat is clamming up. My windows and doors are closed and airconditioning is on, but I don’t think the aircon filters are doing much to filter out anything.

SMSes have been circulating –

  • ::DON’T BREATH TOO HARD:: SG PM2.5 (particulate matter 30X smaller than the diameter of hair) has been above 240ug/m3. The safe range is between 0-15. This will increase our risk for lung cancer and other pulmonary disorders as PM2.5 is usually trapped in the deeper tracts of the lungs…for good. And not to mention its association with heart diseases. Stop strenuous activities, even indoors.
  • My friend works for NEA and here’s what she advises: Hi all, pls make sure that u keep all windows shut at all times n bathroom doors too. Wat u breathe in gets lodged deep in ur lungs n can’t get out. It’s the PM2.5 particulate matter that’s dangerous. Make sure u cover your nose when outdoors
  • From someone who is doing phd in biochem , he said that these particulates(in the haze) are too tiny and they will bypass the hairy and mucous nose to lodge into the lungs. As these particulates are non-water solvent, they will stay in the lungs, will cause cells to mutate and potentially cancer cells can develop from there. So do take care and keep your children and elderly folks indoors. And wear N95 masks even though it’s a short walk from home to car and office.

And the government hasn’t done much to assure citizens that they’re doing their best to keep the situation under control. (Read one man’s thoughts about this)

In other news,

Smokers are still smoking.


N95 masks are being sold at sky-high prices, and people are queueing in insanely long queues for masks.

A whole bunch of companies have allowed their employees to work from home.

Choppers have been sent to rain over the fires in Indonesia.

I used to think wearing masks would be unnecessary but here’s some medical evidence that proves otherwise (and supports some of the claims that were sent via sms)

And on a super unrelated note, Kanye West named his kid NORTH. NORTH WEST YO.

So anyway. It seems like there’s nothing much Singaporeans can do but to:

  • Load up on the vitamin C
  • Wear a mask
  • Stay indoors as much as possible.

In the meantime, here’s a fun project. – while we’re at it, we’re collecting your masked selfies.

And also, let’s try to be less selfish during these times:

This post is so scattered and random. I bet it’s the haze messing with my brain.

Till then, le cats are staying indoors.

For concerned pet owners: