Hello, meet Mark.

I’ve been secretly stalking one of my junior’s pages recently. He’s a part time student and hair stylist – he doesn’t just do run off the mill prom hairstyles, he’s got some super cool high fashion under his belt. Being the kaypoh I was, I decided to get his story. (I’ve also interspersed the interview with some of his favorite works!)


How did you get started on hairstyling?

Quite by accident, really. I’d started doing hair since maybe 2007; I was in drama back in jc and we’d do hair and make up for each other for shows.

I just continued doing hair after graduating from jc and did hair for proms and other stage productions.

Eventually someone asked me to help our for a test shoot like maybe in year 1 of uni, and then  got asked to do hair for Nanyang Chron (NTU’s newspaper equivalent). After that i guess i dove headfirst into fashion lor. Since then I’ve constantly been trying to keep working and developing my body of work.

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Hello, meet Ivan.

Hello, world. Meet Ivan. He takes photos. I like the variety of what I get on his site. Here are some awesome wedding ones – click on the images to view more from the same set!

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