On doing Yoga in a sauna.


I visited this sauna place today, after reading about it on nadnut’s blog. However, half the time my phone was left in my bag in a locker, and the other half, I took really bad photos, so hey, here’s another comic:



(I’m too lazy to scan it.)


ok, you cannot see my rosy cheeks from this lousy front facing camera.


Someone later explained to us that the sauna was packed with negative ions which had very positive effects on your body. To prove this, she showed us some eggs and bread which were very well preserved albeit left out in the open. The white bread was still white and the egg was merely crystallized. Not mouldy or rotting or smelly or anything nasty.


Apparently it helps your body with a whole lot of things, including weight loss.

Anyway, we ate this promptly after:


Also I bought an entire pack of stickers that cost me $4, just for this gorilla because he makes me feel so happy. Plus, he’s sparkly!!


BTW this is not a sponsored post okay, every new customer is entitled to a $20 sauna-yoga session and a free therapy session. 🙂 🙂 🙂 YAY TO FREE THINGS!

Anti-Oxidant Centre
1 Thomson Ridge
Singapore 574633
T: +65 6756 0636

Opening hours:
Tue-Sat: 10am – 10pm
Mon-Sun: 10am – 7pm


Yoga at Yoga Movement


So since I’ve tried GYROTONIC® and Pilates I decided to give Yoga a try (again) at Yoga Movement today. (Not sponsored.) It’s my 2nd Yoga class!

I’m still trying to get used to Yoga. It’s a little too abstract for me… I’m used to counting, knowing where to put what limb, what music to follow…

It takes a little more effort to think about myself being lighter, or coming back to my breath. What am I supposed to feel, pain? A stretch? Like I’m suffocating? Heat??

I wobble in a Downward Dog. I don’t really know the names of the other poses. I have trouble going from that Downward Dog to putting my feet between my hands. Or even putting my nose on my knees with my legs outstretched and my feet flexed.

Like okay, how like this?

That aside, I tried my best. I felt good at the end of the class. It was like the slowest, most sweaty thing I’ve ever done.

I dare say I’d do it again.


What I appreciated about Yoga Movement was that the registration process was really easy – just as they’ve illustrated in the board above, 3 steps. They’re not pushy with sales. It’s fuss free.

Their place is really cosy too 🙂 take a look:


Just 2 studios: Biggie, and Smalls.




And they love animals!



Clean, white-washed toilets:


BTW that’s Jo, who brought me here. Beginner class, she said. You might fall asleep, she said.


Note that there’s no air conditioning. No lockers. A couple of showers. 1 toilet(bowl)?

Here’s their yoga schedule.


Yoga Movement
31A & 33A New Bridge Road
Singapore 059394
(+65) 65344670

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