Great wines for average prices – #1: 2009 Honig Sauvignon Blanc

OK anyone who knows us will know that Bob is a HUGE wine geek. Like really. I’ve been asking him to start a wine blog but yeah, he never has the time to do it.

Anyway, I can’t say the same for myself but I think the least I can do is introduce you guys the hits amongst the misses. Before I met Bob, wine was just wine and it all tasted the same. But now, after trying a lot more different varieties, I realize that there are differences – that aren’t even subtle at all…and also, low price points don’t necessarily make bad wine. So this is the start of my take on great wines for average prices in SG, because there are better bottles to buy other than Brown Brothers, Cloudy Bay, Jacob’s Creek and like, Inniskillin.

So here we go – here’s our first feature.


A 2009 Souvignon Blanc from Honig, Napa Valley. It’s available now at a (30%!) discounted price of $40 from The Straits Wine Company (we got ours at the 6th Ave outlet).

Gonna borrow others’ tasting notes, not even gonna try:

From this CellarTracker:

  • Refreshing, slightly sweet, smooth. Nice body and finish. Citrus.
  • Pretty nose of honeysuckle, tropical fruits, and rose petals. Sweet tropical fruit up front, transitions to grapefruit explosion on mid palate. But not bitter or tart. Nicely balanced.
  • If you’re looking for a wine to share with guests who don’t usually drink wine I think you might find them guzzling this one with delight. And for guests that do drink wine, if they’re not adverse to a little fruit-forward, slight sweetness to their wine I think they’d appreciate this one too.
  • peaches and cream on the nose. polished chalk. peaches and cream on the palate. very easy acid on this wine. quite a nice creamy element to the feel of this wine.

SAY WHUUUUT? Hah! Anyway, in my average vocab, it’s light, pleasant, refreshing and easy to drink. I think it’s great for our Singaporean weather. I’ve been swigging this directly from the bottle. IKR, not much of a wine connoisseur.

Plus points – kudos to Honig winery for being a leader in sustainable farming.

Let me know, if you do try this, whether it’s a hit or miss for you.