VDay Dance Video Drop <3

Ngawwww it’s the season for love, and I absolutely loved watching the stories portrayed by all the dancers who took the chance to celebrate love through dance. Each dance tells a different story, a different take on love.


Local Vids:

Chin | Goodbye

Zaihar | Wanna be Good


Brian Puspos | Adorn

Phillip Chbeeb | November 18th

Nick Demoura | Stay (my favourite!)


Dance Video Drop #2

Another dance drop to start off 2013! Here are 2 super talented local dancers + another Koharu vid, this time with Kyle Hanagami.

Ronnie Chen @ronniechengg | In this Thang

SO SWAG!! Had the opportunity to dance under Ronnie for last year’s O School Recital, he’s an amazing dancer and super talented too! Watch out for more vids from him.

Ryan Ang | Good Time / I’m all Yours Mashup

Don’t really know Ryan but he is very good looking right? Plus watch out for fellow Kosmician, @ahleeshan. Love the vibe of this vid, super makes me wanna party up for 2013. But yeah. I am at a desk in front of a computer.

Kyle Hanagami & Koharu Sugawara | Marry Me

Watching this video reminds me how dance can really tell a story and portray an emotion in no way words can. Please watch Keone and Mari’s interpretation towards the end. Goosebumps.

Have a great 2013 guys.

Dance Video Drop #1

Dancers always watch tonnes of videos and I always get some great stuff shared on my Facebook feed. Thought I’d start a new dance video drop (DVD!) section to kind of tie in all the great videos out there. Hope to do this every week. Here goes:

Anthony Lee | Cry Me a River

Love the art direction with this – simple, wide shot – easy on the cuts and zooms… just that the last part is really U$@)#(*$)(????

Kyle Hanagami | Locked Out of Heaven

Koharu | Falling Out / Say My Name