L’Oréal Excellence – not bad.

I’ve been wanting to go red for the longest time but could never get a hairdresser to do it right. One that doesn’t require bleaching. Feeling bored with my hair, I decided to give DIY one more chance – I’ve tried stuff like palty and liese which don’t turn up as red as I would like them to. Went with Loreal Paris’s Excellence Fashion after watching this episode of tried and tested.



Here’s the packaging – went with INTENSE COPPER RED, $18.90, available at Watsons. (2 boxes – I have really thick hair.)

Got debs to help with it… after 30 mins, a long talk about life, and a long shower (I was trying to wash it out so that the water ran clear. It never did), here are the immediate results! Left, without flash, right with. You can see the high shine complex thing working.




Quite liked the colour! Not too garishly red, but obvious enough to be seen under some light.



Colour under sunlight, 2-3 days later.



Overall colour, 2-3 days later.


It took about a week for the red to stop bleeding in the shower – so be sure to use a black towel or a towel that you’re ready to dye. After about a week, the colour is a little less red and a little more brown… which is pretty typical of red dye jobs, especially if it isn’t bleached. But I’m quite happy with it, given it came out of a box, and I didn’t have to bleach my hair!

I love the convenience of DIY dyes. I always find it very cumbersome to do anything at salons. It always takes too much time, and you have to make small talk, and you have to deal with them trying to sell you packages, or more services or whatever. With DIY you can save a lot, eat whatever you want, walk around and do whatever you want, and just pop into your shower after.




Shills Bubble Body Scrub

I bought this product off qoo10 for $15.90 (including shipping) because I thought it was super amazing. Look at their marketing visuals.

OH! NO! all these women are so plagued by dead and dark skin… who will save them???

SHILLS!!! WHAUUU look it’s like a magic foam that cleanses and peels and brightens! SUPER EXFOLIANT!


Anyway being the curious cat that I was I ordered a bottle and it arrived not long ago.

I am impressed by the foam! The visual spectacle makes you feel super disgusted about yourself – I was wondering if they just had a chemical that reacted with your skin to produce a grey color but NO! After trying it out on various parts of my body, I’m convinced the dark grey matter is made of dead skin cells and dirt or smth. I wish my mandarin was better so I could translate. Maybe one of you could help.

So anyway you aim the nozzle at whichever part you’d like to “exfoliate” and press down – it’s a lot like mousse, except a little more liquid. Once you have a good size of foam, just rub it in a circular motion for a few seconds and voila you’re gonna see little clumps of crap forming. Rinse off and you’re done.

I’ve tried it on my elbows, knees and heels. I like that it leaves a very cooling aftereffect of menthol. I won’t really say it whitens but the skin’s definitely smoother.

Here’s a pic of the process; don’t get (too) grossed out:

Even better than Benetint

Introducing… the tints I have!


L-R: Benefit’s Benetint, Etude House’s Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Pink, and in Cherry Red.

I find tints great in that they last for a pretty long time and you can use them on both your cheeks and your lips. Plus, you just need a little to go a long way. To apply, simply dot a few (3-4) dots on your cheeks and lips (1-2) and blend quickly. Blend quickly!!! If not you’ll end up with… dots.

I also prefer tints to lip gloss because I really can’t stand it when I have a layer of goop on my lips. or when the wind bows and hair gets stuck to my lips -_-

A lot of people swear by Benetint so I got myself a sampler (2.5ml, $9.50 from qoo10) to try before deciding on getting a bottle (which retails for about SGD$53). Touted as “the best rose-tinted cheek and lip stain”, it’s supposed to lend a very natural flush. However, it doesn’t really turn out well on my skin (which is slightly tanned)… I end up having to apply it a few times before I can see a visible flush.

Bought myself Etude House’s Cherry Tint in 2 shades (you can get it from under $10 at qoo10) a while back. It has cherry extract and smells like cherry (ok, a little like cough mixture). I find that it does a way better job in brightening me up, and it helps that it isn’t too hard on your wallet.

Some swatches:


After blending about 20 seconds after application:


As you can see, Benetint stains the least of the lot. I suppose if you have a fair complexion it would work better. Etude House’s Cherry Tint stains a LOT; and fast too, so blend immediately! Obviously you shouldn’t wait for 20s to pass before blending. Here’s a sample of how they all look like upon blending immediately:


Yup. Benetint really doesn’t do much for me.

So consider Etude House’s Cherry Tint!! For a fifth of the price, it’s a really strong contender.

I love using it especially on my lips cos I look weird with full pigment lipsticks on… the tints lend a colour which is subtle, but just enough to make me not look like a walking zombie. The only qualm I have is that all 3 aren’t very moisturizing, so it might help to apply some balm before or after applying the tint.

Philips Simply SalonCurl

Invested in this baby:


Been looking to get a curling iron for quite a while now but hesitated because the ones I’ve come across were too expensive. Bought this girl on a whim for about $49 at Harvey Norman because I was really sick of my messy, shapeless hair.

I’ve previously tried, on several attempts, to curl my hair with an el cheapo hair straightener I got from Watson’s and never really succeeded. Plus it took me forever. What I loved about this this curling iron is that it heats up in less than 2 minutes and i really just need to wind a section of hair up around it, hold it there for a 10s and proceed to the next section. aaaand it’s 32mm so it gives me big big curls that I’m happy with! 🙂

Le results:



Nails and manicures.

I would sadly like to say, that my nails are super ugly.


Looking on the bright side, they’re very low maintenance. I don’t even bother spending on manicures because they’re beyond rescue. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I CAN’T APPRECIATE NICE NAILS. I’m always slightly jelly I don’t get to experiment with different polishes (crackle! magneto!! all sorts now!) and draw cute things on them. So I’ve been living vicariously through Pinterest. (My board is titled “If I had nice nails“, not even kidding.) All these nicely manicured nails!! If you have nice nails please go forth and indulge them.

Digging matte metallic:




Simple designs:


Psychedelic colours:


Cute stuff (including the totoro ones on top!)


aren’t they all so pretty. :< i also want.

Scholl Qtto Compression Stockings

OK I actually bought this pricey piece of hosiery after reading reviews online. It cost me a little under $50 from Watsons.

Marketing line – “gradual compression while sleeping, for instantly lighter and slimmer looking legs the next day!”

Apparently for some it has a slimming effect (something about water retention) – thighs and calves could go down by as much as 1 inch by the morning! (But they’d… expand? and return to their original size by the end of the day.) I’d unabashedly admit I have chunky legs, which was another reason why I bought this, but I haven’t really gotten down to buying a measuring tape to verify the slimming effect. Also, it’s not visible lah.

It’s also said to improve the appearance of varicose veins

I would, however, like to laud it for “soothing” my legs after a day of dance or walking in heels. You know the feeling after hardcore dance pracs you feel like the weight of your body has sunk into your legs? Or when you’re walking in heels and your legs are just crying out for mercy? Scholl’s stockings are like, a way for me to give my legs a hug in gratitude of their hard work. It’s a little tighter than normal pantyhose but I kinda like the snug feeling and I feel like I really do wake up with refreshed, “lighter” legs.

Worth the $50, I would say, if you constantly suffer from tired and heavy legs.