An Open Letter to Preston Waters

Dear Mr Waters,

I was intrigued by the headline of your recent article, “Why It Is Impossible For Entrepreneurs To Have Girlfriends”. I clicked through out of curiosity.

While the first paragraph got me nodding in agreement, things started going downhill at the end of the second and eventually depreciated into a puddle of male chauvinism.

Mr Waters, if you’ve got no game, don’t blame it on being an entrepreneur.

Granted, entrepreneurs make many sacrifices and are generally more dedicated to their work than the average person. Possible financial strains and the lack of time together might make things less ideal, but that does not mean that having a relationship should be a notion thrown out of the window.

However, the best entrepreneurs I know are quite the opposite from what you describe them to be – they are the best at multitasking, are able to handle multiple priorities and are able to maintain relationships as solid as their business foundations.

They are also able to communicate well, both in the role of a boyfriend or husband, and a successful entrepreneur. Though they work ridiculously hard, the are always in control, and struggle, but always manage to find a balance in their lives.

The paragraph that angered me most, Mr Waters, was this:
“Women are attention whores. They hear you have money, and they flock to you. They can’t understand that the entrepreneurial life comes first. You might have to cancel your dinner plans. You might forget an anniversary. Drop a ho, your priorities are straight.”

1. The last I checked, there are many successful women out there capable of financial independence. We do not need men for this.
2. The last I checked, woman are looking for far more than money in a man.
3. There are also many female entrepreneurs out there.
4. This also just goes to show where your priorities lie, and it makes me feel rather sad for you.

I don’t even want to expand on the choice of images you have chosen to accompany your article. A man looking longingly at the woman who is seducing him. A seemingly topless blonde with her mouth in an O, covered in lipstick marks. Two women, straddling their sun-kissed men (alright, sitting on their shoulders). The grand finale – a bare bodied couple; the woman’s back facing the viewer, with her supple right buttcheek getting a little squeeze from her man. Coupled with the fact that you equate having a girlfriend with lust and a “consistent, needy pussy”… there’s only one conclusion we readers can make:

Mr Waters, it’s evident it’s been a while.

Judging from another misogynistic article you wrote later in February (V-Day loneliness?), you probably are suffering from a bad breakup. What made you hate my species so much?

Give us another chance. Nothing should stop you from pursuing love! (What an optimist, I am!) Here are some tips (if you ever decide to embark on this pursuit) –

Stop hanging out with material girls.
Listen to yourself, drop the hos.
Spend less time making such videos.
Be less of a narcissist.

And perhaps then, you’ll manage to get yourself a girlfriend. A good one, who will respect you and your needs, whether it is to be an entrepreneur or otherwise.

Good luck.

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