[AD] ciNE65 – Results are out!

This year’s ciNE65 saw a whopping 166 film entries… and the results were announced just last night! Find out if any of your favorites won –

Priceless” won the “Overall Best Film” and “Best Screenplay” in the Open Category

Wonder what the boy did to deserve the lecturing, and getting beaten up over? Watch till the end for a twist!

Going Away” won the “Overall Best Film” in the Student Category.

This film also makes you wonder where the lead is “Going Away” to – and it ends with a heartwarming answer.

Both teams did well in storytelling in a mere 3 minutes, and editing their clips to produce a film that looks polished! Kudos to the students who produced “Going Away”, I think you’d agree that they have loads of potential.

Here are the winners determined by public votes:

• Favourite Film went to “Honey” (which stars a very familiar looking Ah Gong):

I like the analogy – that sweet honey is made from bees that go out and work hard – the fruit of their labour is sweet an enjoyed by many. And I think it’s beautifully shot!
• Favourite Actor went to Daryl Yeo in Singapore, 还可以啦
• Favourite Actress: Choo Ai Keow in 忘不了 Unforgettable (The Ah Ma that made me cry!)

The Inter-School Challenge Trophy went to Temasek Polytechnic, which submitted the highest number of quality entries in the Student Category. So if you’re interested in studying film, you know where to go 😉

If you loved these films, check out all other winners at ciNE65’s official site!

It’s really heartwarming watching all the clips; they’re all Singaporean stories that will resonate strongly with any Singaporean and tug at your heartstrings. Though they revolve around different themes, they all speak of a common love for this place we call home.
Looking forward to seeing more entries next year!

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