[AD] Flying’s a breeze with AirAsia

Thanks to omy.sg and AirAsia, Alexis and I managed to escape the haze for 3 days and find some respite in Bandung, Indonesia. We even met (a cardboard version of) Tony Fernandes!

Did you know… that AirAsia has clinched the award for the world’s best low-cost carrier, 5 years in a row? In my own personal experience, I’ve always managed to book the cheapest flights with AirAsia – and they’re usually on time, fuss-free, no hiccups, and provide good service. Plus their website is super easy to use and the booking process is always smooth.

Did a little more research into AirAsia…here’s some useful info that you may not know!


There are some interesting nearby places AirAsia flies to, besides hot favourites like Bali and Bangkok, that I would totally consider planning for short holidays. For example:

Singapore >> Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Where you can trek Mt Kinabalu

and visit Manukan Island, a ten minute boat trip from Kota Kinabalu City, where the waters look amazingly clear.

Singapore >> Jakarta

Where you can spend a few days touring the city, or if you’re a beach lover like me, enjoy some sun, sand and sea at Kepulauan Seribu – a beautiful chain of islands about 30 min – 2hrs from Jakarta (depending on which island you go to / which boat you choose to take).

(Psst… here’s a free travel guide to islands and beaches that AirAsia flies to.) You can even fly to Australia, China, Japan and South Korea on AirAsia as well!


Wanted to highlight this service because I didn’t know about it prior to this! With just a $55 top up when you book online, you get to enjoy a dedicated counter check in, 2hr access to the Skyview Premium lounge at T1 (buffet!), priority boarding as well as priority check-in baggage and tagging.

Think it’s perfect for families traveling with kids or elderly; super convenient and hassle free.


For us, we had pre-booked meals which were really satisfying! And I like that they cater to Asian tastes as well… you can even get bubble tea on board with some flights!

For our trip to Bandung: Asian Fried Rice with Satay.


and Nasi Padang our trip back! Which came with very addictive keropok.

Inflight meals are about 39,000 IDR which is about SGD$5 – very, very affordable, and better than starving on a plane trip.


AirAsia also has very interesting duty free catalogue where they sell very useful things like a shower bag and toothbrush set (approx SGD$15) which can be used to hang your toiletries in the shower (hey, it’s a very useful function okay! I always get annoyed when i don’t have a place to put my toiletries esp in hostel toilets.)

And this foldable duffel bag (approx SGD$22.65) – great for manic shoppers that could do with the extra space… basically any girl that’s going to Bandung lah. lol!


Hope you learnt a little more about what AirAsia has to offer! More about shopping in Bandung in my next post – you won’t believe it. Alexis and I spent about SGD$700 in total. Not kidding.

P.S. AirAsia always has promos!

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