Once Upon a Rosti

Once Upon a Time, Steph had a really bad rosti craving. After much deliberation and research on where to go to eat rosti (there’s a Swiss-something place at Suntec which seems really popular in local forums), she went for the most convenient option: Once Upon a Rosti, at AXA Building – Tanjong Pagar MRT (Exit E).



Welcome to Once Upon a Rosti – set up by the same folks behind Once Upon a Milkshake which seems to be doing really badly right now…



Basic interior, kinda cosy.




In line with the fairy tale theme, I was served by a fairy god mother!!!


Here’s what I had – an Original Italian set meal which consisted of rosti, chicken sausages, meatball marinara, 2 sauces of your choice, and a drink of your choice.

It was o-kayyyy not too bad, sausages were overboiled though. Rosti was meh.



Bob had something more exciting – Grilled chicken, an omelette and japanese curry. Plus a Bundaberg which added up to about $10. Still, it was a tad too salty.

Overall? OUAR was meh. Really subpar. For a place that specializes in rosti, I expected much more. I think I’d rather pay a premium price for better rosti. A lot of their additional ingredients also seem like… third-party processed food. They throw it all in a paper bowl and cover the rosti with ingredients – which on one hand, might make a great comfort snack, but on the other, makes for really soggy rosti.

Food seems lazy, in general, but understandable – I guess they have to push it out fast for the crowds during lunch time.

Oh well. I guess you could say it curbs a craving for less.

Once Upon a Rosti [Facebook page]
8 Shenton Way #B1-15 AXA Tower S(068811)
Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit ‘ E ‘
Tel: +65 9641 8612

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 11am to 9pm
Sat: 12pm to 9pm
Closed on Sundays & P.H.
Unless otherwise stated

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