Department of Caffeine

So, my short lived favorite coffee place closed down. That means Bob and I are back on the quest to find good coffee. This quest brought us to DOC / The Department of Caffeine at Duxton area, after reading so many gleaming reviews online.






So. Kinda kinda, same old same old. Wood. Cream. Black. All these hole in the wall cafes are starting to look the same! But the exterior and interior looked promising.



Some pastry and other interesting things on the menu.


Pear and Amaretto Cake, $5.50


Mocha, $5.50


Soy Flat White, $5.60 (+60c for soy)

I usually refrain from giving bad reviews because I feel bad – starting a business takes a hell load of effort and money, but for a cafe that hails itself as the “Department of Caffeine” and had a big shiny Synesso, their coffee left much to be desired.

The soy that they used did not sit well with their blend – the taste was too distinct and overpowering. Mocha was too sweet and cloying (I don’t know why Bob decided to order Mocha), so much so that Bob decided to give their coffee another chance by ordering an espresso shot.

For a blend that was supposedly sweet, rich and heavy it was none of that. Too sour. TOO SOUR. So bad that between the both of us, we couldn’t finish that tiny cup (nice cups though).

The best thing was really the cake. We left really disappointed! I would never go back again.

Bob however is a rather forgiving person. He actually visited today. But once again he was let down. Apparently the pulled pork sandwich is too salty and the cappuccino was really thin.

Sorry DOC… much to be improved. Did I just visit on a bad day? Order the wrong items? Meh. If you’re still interested in giving it a shot:

Department of Caffeine
15 Duxton Road

Opening hours:
Weekdays, 1030am – 730pm
Weekends, 930am – 730pm

Tel: 6223 3426

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