Lonely night in : make a sock monkey!





Made this fella a long time ago when I had a free night! Fun fact: I never learnt to sew properly and my sewing skills really suck but I’m quite happy with how this monkey turned out!

All you need is:

  1. An old sock – the sock I used was from Daiso! I wore it to Hokkaido and found no use for it since I’m back in SG. It helps that it’s a bit fluffy because it hides my bad sewing work! It also came with ribbons on the sides; I used one as the monkey’s bowtie 🙂 I also freshened it up with some perfume, lol.
  2. Sewing materials – thread, needle, scissors
  3. 2 buttons or beads (for eyes)
  4. Stuffing (bought a bag from Art Friend for less than $5)
  5. Lots of patience if you’re sewing it by hand

So yes, it cost me SGD<$10!! I kind of “adlibbed” on these instructions from CraftPassion.com.

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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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