Ad: clothes0verbros

I love that clothes0verbros has EVERYTHING… it’s like a walk in closet with all that you need, plus they’re all going for reasonable prices. Subscribe to their FB for latest updates though, cos things sell out pretty fast!

Picked a few of my faves, most of them are sold out but b/os are available.


Avril Pocket Hearts Cardi, $27

Bridget Pullover in Oatmeal, $24

Blazers… (in various colours!)

Veronica Blazer in Sky Blue, $24.90


Kyrie Gradient Tier Top, $23

Adrea Bird Print Blouse, $24.90


Kavanagh Heels (Navy), $28

Grizelda Weaved Sandals in Timberwolf, $26


Mirabelle Sculpted Necklace, $14

If you’re too lazy to match, they even have the whole shabang matched for you – necklace ($14), top ($19) and pants ($24)

Kimberley (the owner) was also very kind to send me 2 items,

Sonenclar Penny Loafers, $28.90

Didn’t know if sizing ran true, got it in my size (37) but I found it a LITTLE bit tight. Might be better to go a size up! Otherwise it’s a great pair of walking shoes – not stiff at all (the problem that irks me with a lot of cheaper loafers). I like the colour a lot! She has them in many other colours too.

Bianca Feather Top, $19

Love this piece! The multicoloured feathers make for easy pairing and a fun top. It’s also lightweight but not sheer – perfect for SG’s crazy weather… aaaand they match my loafers. heh.

Head over to clothes0verbros nowww – they have lots more, from tops to pants to dresses to jumpers to shorts to clutches to heels… I don’t like to think too much about my clothes and that’s why I really like the stuff that Kimberley curates. Every piece looks good and yet is easy to mix and match.

Btw Kim is migrating to another site – you can check out the newer collections at, but backorders on all the stuff at the livejournal page are still ongoing!

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