If you’re in the service sector the least you could have is some respect for others.

Today I’m going to rant about a prime example of someone who does not belong in the service sector. I am going to be a typical Singaporean and COMPLAIN.

So the entire day I was plagued with the worst migraine ever. I had a meeting to attend at 10pm and it wasn’t letting up so I stopped by Cheers to get Panadol before the meeting.

I was looking around Cheers for Panadol, only to find it located next to the cashier. The only way for me to browse Panadols was to stand in front of the cashier.

So that’s what I did. The cashier lady said:


Like, it wasn’t even a question okay. She just looked all pissy and irritated.

I told her I needed Panadol, and asked if they sold them in separate blisters. She said no, only in “packets”.

I stood there looking at the different types of Panadol – there are so many now okay. Red packets, green packets, blue packets, the kind you can dissolve in water etc. I couldn’t move away / somewhere else that wasn’t blocking the cashier because of where the Panadol was located. There were like 3 people behind me now and I was trying my best to make a quick decision.

She asks again, what do you want.

And I said, Panadol, and continued trying to figure out which one I should be buying. 2 seconds later she uses a really frustrated tone.



I understand that there were customers behind but I needed time to make a decision and I totally did not appreciate how she was talking to me? But of course I didn’t voice this out la I just raised an eyebrow, pointed to the cheapest one and she took it and scanned it. I made the purchase etc…

Only to walk out and realize that what she gave me wasn’t Panadol. It didn’t even contain paracetamol. It was some medication for upset stomachs or flatulence or something.

I walked back in, got back into the queue, and told her that whatever she passed me wasn’t Panadol, which was what I stated I needed. Twice.

She started getting all defensive.

I sighed.


She continued.


Please give me Panadol.

So she reluctantly processed the refund. I picked out the right box of Panadol and handed it to her, just to be safe.

I was so annoyed!!!!

1. If you run a business that requires some of your employees to be customer facing, please choose the right people, or at least train them / imbibe in them some proper code of conduct or simple values they should hold on to when serving customers. And also this is why we need foreign talent la. Seriously. Singaporeans don’t make the best service staff. (There are exceptions.) I would say the best service staff I’ve ever come across are from the Philippines.

Before you say, oh, maybe she had a long day etc etc etc; you will never understand lah. I myself have been in the service sector. I know how hard it is to face people every day, who, most of the time don’t appreciate you enough to say thank you and even scold you once in a while. I know how annoying and tiring it is to stand for a good 7-8 hours in heels, mind you. I know how much of a struggle it is to work long shifts. I’m the sort who reprimands idiotic customers who push their weight around and believe they belong to an upper echelon just because they’re customers and you’re service staff.

But I also know that I took up the job knowing that it’s going to be that way, and that part of my job is to serve, thus as upset as I was, I never ever gave a customer attitude, much less raised my voice at one. Which brings me to my 2nd point:

2. If you are in the service sector, the least you could do is RESPECT your customers. I’m not even asking you to smile all day and be whoohoo positive. If you’re the sort that’s quick to anger and show it, please rethink your choice of career. There are many other choices available, trust me. Just look for them. As service staff it’s easy to justify that your job is tough, it’s tough to serve people esp Singaporeans, but hey, please just bear in mind that your customers might be having a worse day.

Aight that is all. Gonna hug a cat now.


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my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

2 thoughts on “If you’re in the service sector the least you could have is some respect for others.

  1. I totally agree with this post! I’ve met grumpy service staff who complain that non-service-staff don’t understand how much crap they have to go through with customers. But, I think every job has its drawbacks and it isn’t like someone forced them to do this job/enter this industry. They signed up knowing what they’d have to endure so it’s totally not an excuse.

  2. What do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT? I’m sorry for your experience, but your cartoons are so cute! I can even hear them talking out loud in my head 🙂

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