Hokkaido > Asahiwaka > Asahiyama > Zoo


Took a 2 hour train ride from Sapporo to Asahikawa to visit the zoo… which was quite an experience for us! I’ve only visited zoos in summer.



We didn’t have a lot of time at the zoo because we wanted to visit another museum later that closed early, so we took a quick tour. It’s like being enclosed in a snow globe with a menagerie of animals. A lot of the enclosures were closed, but we got to see what we wanted to see! Mainly:

asahi2 asahi3



Fat fat seals swimming up and down a tube



Random sea creatures


A very very restless polar bear which kept repeating a routine of pacing up and down the same path. Google can’t give me a good reason why this happens. It was rather bewildering.


Some more random animals. The deer looked like they were freezing while the sheep looked really warm :3

The chimpanzee enclosure was rather sad looking… most of the chimps were balding for some reason?


That’s about it before we left. Was a really quick look-see; the zoo’s not very English-speaker-friendly, most of the info’s presented in Japanese.

Getting to the zoo wasn’t very easy for us – we were there during a period where the tour bus and train didn’t operate, so we took a public bus, which took about 40 mins from the train station and cost us 400Yen each.

Entrance to the zoo costs 800Yen.

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