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Total Defence Day is coming up soon – 15th Feb, commemorating the anniversary of the surrender of the British to the Japanese on February 15, 1942.

As a kid, Total Defence Day was pretty exciting because we got to (skip class and) take part in a fire drill, listen to a siren that was triggered at a certain time of the day, and… eat sweet potatoes.

This year, I’ll be challenging you guys to celebrate Total Defence Day in a totally different manner – with a 21-Day Challenge. Nothing too taxing! It’ll be centered on the little things that make us Singaporean, and how, through supporting each other, we can get through the toughest of situations. Complete 10 of 21 tasks to stand to win an iPad Mini!

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Before we begin, here are the some ground rules –

  1. Follow me on Facebook (not my personal page), Twitter and Instagram. These are avenues where I’ll be sharing simple a task a day, for 21 days.
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  2. Every time I post a task, you’ll need to reply (via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with proof that you’ve completed it. It could be through text with a photograph, a gif, a video or an audio note. It’s up to you! Remember to tag me so that I can track your progress.
  3. To qualify to win the iPad Mini (WIFI), you’ll have to complete a minimum of 10 out of 21 tasks. You do not need to respond on the same day of the task. As long as you respond to the task by 17 Feb 2013 (2359), your entry will be counted.
  4. This year’s Total Defence Day theme is “Will you stand with me?” – the hashtag is #standwithme, if you want to check out all the tasks. Do note that there are other bloggers running this contest as well. To win an iPad Mini from me, you will have to complete 10 out of 21 of my tasks! Mine and mine only! (Of course, you can always increase your chances of winning by participating in their challenges as well.)

To make things easier for you, I’ll also update this page with the latest tasks.

Aaand… to give you guys a head start, I’m disclosing the first task early!

Task list:

26 Jan – Task 1: Take part in the quest to form the longest online human chain at

27 Jan – Task 2: Tell me what makes you proud to be a Singaporean

28 Jan – Task 3: Learn to say hello in a different language (that’s not English or Mandarin)

29 Jan – Task 4: Take a photo based on the theme “Will you stand with me?”

30 Jan – Task 5: Take a photo of and share your favorite place in Singapore

31 Jan – Task 6: Take a photo of a queue and let us know what Singaporeans are queuing up for

1 Feb – Task 7: Tag someone who’s stood by you, & thank him/her for it!

2 Feb – Task 8: Share a plate of rojak with a friend to celebrate our diverse cultures

3 Feb – Task 9: Like and share this local non-profit’s cause. Together, we can change the world!

4 Feb – Task 10: Let me know which Singaporean has inspired you the most and why

5 Feb – Task 11: Make a new friend today, and share a photo of him/her with us

6 Feb – Task 12:  Share a recipe of your favorite Singaporean dish

7 Feb – Task 13: Sing me a line off your favorite National Day song

8 Feb – Task 14: Buy someone a kopi or teh today

9 Feb – Task 15: Let me see you lou hei with loved ones

10 Feb – Task 16:
Visit a friend or relative you haven’t seen in awhile

11 Feb – Task 17: Get creative – take a photo of yourself wishing everyone a happy Lunar New Year!

12 Feb – Task 18: Share a photo of the best thing about cny this year. (Could be food / moment!)

13 Feb – Task 19:
Invent a new, encouraging Singlish word and get as many people as you can to use it

14 Feb – Task 20: Show us how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day!

15 Feb – Task 21: It’s the final task! Jump for joy with 3 friends while holding a sign that reads “#standwithme”

-Contest over. Good luck, stay tuned for results!-


• Anyone who submits entries that hurt religious feelings and incite racial and religious hatred will be banned and disqualified
• The deadline for receiving entries for the competition is final. No entries received after the given date will be considered.
• The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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