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IMG_8721 20121208_141902

I took a train… I took a train for you… from Sapporo to Otaru…

lol? The trip was about 35 minutes, and we did our usual – onigiri (tomato rice wrapped in omelette pictured above) and a hot tea from 7-11 (or some equivalent).

We were a little flabbergasted when we arrived at Otaru because it was mercilessly pelting snow. Think of those horror shows where there’s a huge swarm of flies flying everywhere. Now turn those flies into fat snowflakes.


But of course I was ever ready. This is Otaru’s town mascot, I suppose. I shall call him duck-san. Here I am pictured wearing a pillow of a coat and my trusty uggs. Not the least bit glamorous, but it really helped to keep me warm. Janice however, was not so well prepared. More of that later.

With less than half a day to go (we arrived at 3, the sun sets at about 5), we aimed to

  1. Walk down the Otaru canal
  2. Look at some glassware
  3. Visit the music box museum

IMG_8733 IMG_8735

IMG_8745 IMG_8743

Quite calm, serene and pretty! I think it was really too snowy – very few people were in sight. Fortunately alpaca and I had enough to keep us warm but poor Janice was clad in a wool-blend coat that left her miserable.



:< janjan is cold.

So after a bit more trudging in the snow, we stopped by an eatery to thaw and get some comfort food.


fried stuff and hokkaido milk! best comfort food ever.


Alpaca refuels too.

Pic from sapporo-tourguides.com

Trudged some more to find the Otaru Music Box Museum. It’s set in one of the many historical red brick buildings and houses 3 storeys of music boxes in any shape and size! I particularly liked the carousel on the left – when wound up, the horses went up and down and round and round like a real carousel. And on the right is a peek into a music box with a kaleidoscope attached. Beautiful.

IMG_8775 IMG_8770


Another Christmas themed one, which had the reindeer, santa and snowman swaying from side to side as the music played.

After this we trudged even further and got lost BUT chanced upon a magical… UNIQLO! Where Janice decided it was high time she invested in a similar Michelin-Manesque coat. So she did.

The moral of the story guys, is that if you are a Singaporean and you are going to a country with snow, -5deg to 10deg might not sound like much, but it is good to invest in the following:

  1. A down-feather coat
  2. Waterproof boots.

Okay moving ON!!

IMG_8794 IMG_8793 IMG_8792

IMG_8725 IMG_8803 IMG_8727

Look at all these precious tiny glass things!! They have them super TINY!

So we did all we wanted to do at Otaru… and was still snowing buckets. We explored the historical area (around the music box museum) a bit more.

IMG_8787 IMG_8779




Totoro and I, Janice & New Coat & Random Igloo.


And on our way back to the train station, we spotted a few frozen critters.

That’s about it for Otaru! I can’t seem to find the exact addresses of the places we visited, but they’re all at the end of the canal. If you’re planning to go in winter, remember to bring a good coat and/or an umbrella to shield yourself from the snow!

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