Penny University

I got really bored on a Saturday morning so I decided to browse Instagram and head to the most interesting place that was posted on my feed.

So that was Penny University, lured by a sumptuous picture of a big breakkie posted by Jimmy Liew.

And I hear it’s the first coffee joint in the east?

According to Wikipedia,

Penny University is a term originating from the 18th-century coffeehouses in LondonEngland. Instead of paying for drinks, people were charged a penny to enter a coffeehouse. Once inside, the patron had access to coffee, the company of others, various discussions, pamphlets, bulletins, newspapers, and the latest news and gossip. Reporters called “runners” went around to the coffeehouses announcing the latest news, perhaps not too unlike what we might hear on the TV or the radio today


But yeah, obviously we had to pay more than a penny for this. It’s a really chill cafe. While we were there we saw many cyclists dropping by for a cuppa. Has about six or so tables for two and three or so tables for four and then a biggish table at the back that sits about six. I know right, detailed info about seating.

It’s also got the typical look everyone’s going for nowadays – wood, cement, black, white. A nice coffee maker and a nice cake display.


What we ordered:


A smores pie – the crust was a little lao hong; otherwise it grows on you. Not exactly as squeal-worthy as I expected.

Cappuccino + Tomato & Marmite cheese toastie

I noticed that they used Nylon’s beans – but this cappuccino tasted full bodied (which is good) BUT too acidic – wasn’t pleasant to my palate at all :< Did I come on a bad day?

The Marmite cheese toastie was one of the must tries based on HGW; it was really alright lah.

Bill for the 3 items came up to a little under $20. Would I be back again? Not really. In fact I was so underwhelmed I had to move on to my next Instagram-recommended location… which I’ll write about soon.

In case you want to drop by-

Penny University
402 East Coast Road, Singapore 428997
Tel: 9021 3959

Opening Hours
Tue – Thu: 08:30 – 18:00
Fri: 08:30 – 21:30
Sat – Sun: 08:30 – 22:30
Closed on Mondays

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