Shills Bubble Body Scrub

I bought this product off qoo10 for $15.90 (including shipping) because I thought it was super amazing. Look at their marketing visuals.

OH! NO! all these women are so plagued by dead and dark skin… who will save them???

SHILLS!!! WHAUUU look it’s like a magic foam that cleanses and peels and brightens! SUPER EXFOLIANT!


Anyway being the curious cat that I was I ordered a bottle and it arrived not long ago.

I am impressed by the foam! The visual spectacle makes you feel super disgusted about yourself – I was wondering if they just had a chemical that reacted with your skin to produce a grey color but NO! After trying it out on various parts of my body, I’m convinced the dark grey matter is made of dead skin cells and dirt or smth. I wish my mandarin was better so I could translate. Maybe one of you could help.

So anyway you aim the nozzle at whichever part you’d like to “exfoliate” and press down – it’s a lot like mousse, except a little more liquid. Once you have a good size of foam, just rub it in a circular motion for a few seconds and voila you’re gonna see little clumps of crap forming. Rinse off and you’re done.

I’ve tried it on my elbows, knees and heels. I like that it leaves a very cooling aftereffect of menthol. I won’t really say it whitens but the skin’s definitely smoother.

Here’s a pic of the process; don’t get (too) grossed out:

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