Swaggout 3



So this year JJ and her team brought down 3 amazing dancers – Tony Czar, Leroy Curwood and Koharu Sugawara.

Can I say, Leroy is like 22. and Koharu is like 20. and Koharu brought down 3 kids who were like 11-15 yrs old. and they were ALL crazy.

Gonna quickly note stuff down in point form cos I am really too tired to type in proper sentences.

  • The highlight of my local group showcase were the poppers from fbodz. crazyyyy isolations and performance!
  • I really enjoyed the energy of each class! Everyone was super focused and could tell that they gave it their all. Which is rare… nowadays at least.
  • It was somewhat magical looking into Chin’s class – seeing the place filled and like even Tony was taking his class. I felt super proud of him! even though i didn’t really know him…

moving on…

Tony Czar

From Tony:

  • I’ve taken his class like once in LA and he really left an impression because i felt he was a really good teacher. I like the way he paces his class… though he’s teaching you crazy choreography he makes sure you get it
  • I’ve always been impressed that for such a big guy (he looks like a baller) he has so much control of all his limbs that he can move really fast and really sharp. My limbs must be like half or so of the length of his but I can’t even get that precision! WORK!!!
  • Learnt that you need to commit to the first move of every dance more than anything else – 110% – start the piece right!
  • Plus, don’t over-think things.


From Koharu:

  • Koharu amazes me how she can take her body from FULL OUT energy to relaxed in less than a second – this really lends her choreography and execution a lot of dimension. It’s not just through her body but through her face as well. I think i really need to work on controlling my energy and speedo of shuttling between max and minimum.
  • Her musicality is crazy. I like how she hits certain things with very VERY subtle moves but there’s still so much power in all that subtlety.

Leroy Curwood: (no picca, wehh.)

  • Honestly I’ve never heard of him before Swaggout but I’m glad I took his class. It was really a different way of dancing – something more organic, more human… I learnt that dance could be a question – and didn’t necessarily have to be a statement. Dancing didn’t always need to be about putting moves in to suit music. Could be back to basics, back to moves that come naturally when you feel something
  • Am i still making sense???




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