Montigo Resorts, Nongsa, Batam

Spent a weekend over at Montigo Resorts, Batam to celebrate a special occasion! It’s a relatively new resort in Batam and we rented a 3 storey villa for about SGD$480 (on promo, booked through Agoda) – top up $20++ for each additional guest.

To get to Nongsa, simply take a 45 min ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura. Hotel staff will pick you up from their ferry terminal to take you to Montigo, just a few minutes away.

I must say the service was really good – each group had a dedicated staff to help with checking in so there wasn’t much waiting involved. Plus you get to wait in this gorgeous lobby. Who’s complaining?

Welcome drink.

After we checked in, we had a buggy bring us to OUR VILLA!!!

I was pleasantly surprised because it was super big and very nicely decorated! The only downside? I heard that it was only recently completed (2 weeks ago) so it was still rather dirty… like dusty, with a few stray hairs lying around the floor?? 😦

Anyways, the main door opens to the 2nd floor where the bedrooms are – just 2.

Here’s the first room:

The bed is huge, I can’t tell if it’s King or Queen sized, it’s fitted with down feather pillows and a down feather blanket and faces the ocean. It also opens to an outdoor toilet that is equally huge – with an outdoor bathtub (that comes with bath salts!), shower, etc etc. PS The shampoo / soap / conditioner that they provide smells super good.

2nd room! Twin beds, shower in the toilet, also has a view of the ocean. Moving down to the ground floor…

They have a small kitchen, one more toilet, a living area (with wii and a B&O speaker where you can dock your iPod/iPhone device), anddddd an infinity pool that stretches out into the ocean!

Ok looks nice hor, but actually the pool was rather dirty too and the beach wasn’t fully constructed (it will be done in Dec 2012). So we didn’t really spend that much time in it… there were black bits floating around 😦 The beach looked rather muddy as well.

Moving on to my favourite place!

The open air top deck – perfect for sunbathing or barbecues or just chillin’… you can actually get them to set up a bbq pit, but it was for quite a fee so we didn’t do it.

Seats aplenty, opens out to the ocean.

Explored their spa area…

It costs SGD80-100 for a spa treatment, depending on what you opt for, but the spa area looks really lovely. Each treatment is conducted in an individual / twin / group bamboo hut. They have huts that accomodate up to 6 pax… think that’s great for hen nights. There’s also a library / sitting area, a pool and jacuzzis.

And… the FOOD.

We ate a loooooot!!! QY’s sister and husband came to join us… brought in a few bottles of wine and prepared some canapes. Plus ordered food in.

Note… stick to the asian cuisine.

Lunch: Surf & Turf, Moscato, Truffle Fries. Fries were good.

Dinner: Canapes! That filled us half up!

& room service.

Last meal… lunch the next day at the only eatery that was open in the resort.

Super random but here’s the token towel elephant that the staff placed on our beds while turning down our rooms.

The verdict?

There’s nothing really much to do at Nongsa – which is about a good hour away from Batam City where the it’s more bustling with activity. The beach activity place and beach in general were not completed when we were there so no beach activities for us either. It’s a good getaway if you really want a break from noisy SG life (although you will get some noise from families and kids).

Also good for families with young kids, company retreats and hen parties!


  • Very well designed villas
  • Impeccable service
  • Spa place looks good man
  • Free WIFI


  • Nothing much to do
  • Kinda expensive
  • Kinda dirty when we went
  • Kinda incomplete when we went

Hopefully these are just teething problems. I can see Montigo as an ideal decadent getaway spot for Singaporeans once everything’s done and polished up!

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