2NE1 Surprise Event

The good folks at SingTel organized a surprise 2NE1 concert at Read Bridge. There was a lot of speculation going around online, and thanks to the embargo nothing could be confirmed. But that didn’t stop thousands of fans from turning up at Clarke Quay, waiting for something to happen!

So a crowd built up at about 7pm in front of a makeshift stage set up at Read Bridge. 2 guys with a guitar started singing acoustic versions of 2NE1 songs, giving the crowd something to sing along to and further confirming their suspicions.

At about 7.30 a hologram thing of 2NE1 started playing on stage. At first I was a little disappointed, thinking it was going to be a holographic show. BUT HEY then they appeared whoohoo!!!

In case you are unaware, 2NE1 is my favorite K-Pop band. It’s a certain je ne sais quoi that they ooze that make them slightly more appealing I guess. Thanks to SingTel I was in the media pit, like, at the 3rd row. But fans were so crazy that I still couldn’t see much :<

Check out the crowd!

I swear there were so many people – when CL asked everyone to JUMP – the fans really jumped and I could feel Read Bridge vibrating, no joke. I could have died right there and then but I would have died happy.

The girls were awesome live! Can you see Dara. She’s my fave. *fangurlsz*

Once again, many thanks to SingTel for the invite, and this unique and amazing event.

Looking forward to more 🙂

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