SUPER last minute Halloween Costume Tips for a lazy person

Happy (Post) Halloween, folks.

So, someone in the office declared that we should all come dressed up on Halloween. That said, I didn’t have enough time to borrow a costume. I figured as long as I went zombie faced, I could wear whatever.

Because zombies don’t care.

So here are my lazy halloween tips:

1. use eyeshadow for special FX
2. dig something up from your wardrobe

Trial make-up!

White baby powder doesn’t do much to making your skin white. Slapped black eyeshadow around my eyes, drew a few token “eyelashes”, slapped white eyeshadow onto my lips and stained the centre bits with red lipstick.

Sloppy, I know, but it would do.

(drew upturned eyebrows here)

Grabbed 2 more “special” outfits that were sitting in my closet – the qipao, a staple for cny, and a set of old teddy jammies.

Did a quick twitter poll, Chinese Zombie won.

my colleague got her witch getup from Mustafa – $7 wig yall.

Hope yall had fun! And dressed slutty! WHOOHOO!



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