Beitou Hotsprings

Spent half a day at Beitou! I intended to use the public hot spring pool (which costs just 40NT) but well, the plan changed. Read on!


Setting off with a backpack filled with shower stuff and a towel. Wearing Camax Contact Lenses I bought in TW… 180NT for a pack of 10 dailies. CHEAP. It takes about 40 mins to get from Taipei Train Station to Xin Bei Tou Station.


Bathing figures that’ll greet you while you’re waiting to take the train from Beitou station to XinBeiTou station



My 45NT breakkie! Onigiri and Roasted Milk Tea from 7-11. I bought the tea for the bottle 😐



At XinBeiTou you’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to places that offer hot spring baths. They range from low end (public pools) to mid range, and finally top notch private rooms with private hot spring baths.

I’d previously trawled some HGW forums for popular private baths but they were simply too far away from the train station and I wasn’t really keen on trekking up the mountain in sweltering heat (it was like, 27 deg c in autumn??) So I walked around the area closer to the station.




There’s a very pretty public park immediately outside XinBeiTou station, I saw tons of school kids playing games … and also tons of streams! Some locals just put stools in the middle of these streams and soak their feet in them while talking to each other.



Some sights from the Hot Spring Museum. Which wasn’t particularly interesting…




Hot Spring Valley! Think this is the source of all the water used for bathing in XinBeiTou. Super pretty place – you’ll be greeted by the smell of sulphur. Turquoise pools of water with clouds of steam suspended immediately above, with a picturesque backdrop of mountain plains. Quite a sight to behold.

PS you can’t bathe in here – the water’s about 90 deg celsius…

So after wandering about I actually went to the public pool. There are like 3 pools, and you’re required to wear a bathing suit. 2 reasons why I decided to skip this:

1. It was outdoors, and it was already very hot!

2. I’d only brought a 2 piece and … it was teeming with old men 😐 didn’t feel comfortable.

So I went to look for the cheapest indoor spring. If you’re not on too tight a budget there are places that will throw in a free meal for about 1000NT. You can get all that in a private room with airconditioning and TV for 5000NT D:



This is where I ended up! A public hot spring in an indoor place.
Pay 280NT for entrance (time is unlimited) – that’ll give you access to a hot pool, a cold pool, a sauna and showers! You have to be comfortable being in the buff though. No swimsuits allowed hur hur. I topped up 40NT for a bathing towel.


Happy and refreshed! Soaked myself, alternating between the hot and cold pools and the sauna for about 2 hours before heading back to join Sam SHOPPINGGG!

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