ABCD dance dance dance…

Just completed my first ever Intro To Girls’ Hip Hop course. For the last lesson, we had everyone choreograph their own routines based on what they’ve learnt in the past 7 weeks and I honestly think everyone did amaaaahhhzing! From zero to hero(ines). Of course there are still loads of things to improve on but I enjoyed watching everyone dance in their own ways. Everyone got the right timings, everyone included some form of isolation, bounce, walking and posing. PAT YER BACKS!

In other news, I had a slight blogging hiatus because of work + preparing for ABCD (All Babes Cineleisure Dance… competition.) Tough fight man! What they did right was to offer whopping good prizes – the top prize was $6K, and every finalist got themselves a camera. Needless to say, this competition attracted some of the strongest female dancers in Singapore (ahem).

Check out the finalists we were up against:

Stressful much?

This was our piece:

Intense moment – shared the stage with TPDE for the announcement of who emerged the champions!

Hahah my ladies all looking kancheong – L-R : Sam, Me, Mel, Lee, Zhili

Clinched the 2nd prize!

TPDE WON!!! watch their superswag routine:

EMJAYYYYY!! thanks for coming down!

a kosmicfied xiaojun…

thess – thank you for always readily helping us with makeup and hair!!

Before makeup… & after makeup lol

KOSMIC KRU~ thank you ladies for inspiring me in dance, being super understanding, putting up with my whining and moody moodiness and tiredtiredness. we have overcome! it was tiring but i think we can safely say we gave it our all on that stage 🙂

and the man behind it all, Mr Kosman, most thanks goes to you. thank you for your selflessness and your patience and I hope we made you proud and did your choreo justice!!! STAY AWESOME FOREVER WADDA WADDAAA~

p.s. i would also like to give special mention to meredith kerr. because her body is one kind of HOT.

THANK YOU CINELEISURE (and skye…) for organizing this! and also bringing down all the amazing choreographers and dancers. (and meredith ker…)

that is all. till i dance again, kthxbYEEEE!!!


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