Inside look @ the office of Facebook Singapore

So right, because people like me don’t get a sneak peak into Facebook’s new office in Singapore, I’ve been stalking the photos of the select few who do.

Here’s a compilation for those who are curious:

From the peeps at Hardwarezone:

From the peeps at VR-Zone:

From Daniel Goh: (check out his post here)

And many many photos from @litford on instagram



MORE GRAFFITI (supposedly a recurring theme in all of Facebook’s offices worldwide)


lol? The printer. Called Rojak.


THE ART. Stuff apparently done by local artists.

THE VIEW from the top.

THE.. Don’t know what this is but looks cool. I always wanted to put a polaroid wall in our office.

More from the folks at E27:

A better shot of the chillax setup

The doors – nice touch.

More shots of the pantry:

Motivational posters

A game-a-chess, anyone?

AND! One more photo from Yun Qing – possibly one of the best perks for women:

Free pads and tampons lololol.

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour.

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