So… I watched TED last night

…and it was such a good movie!

I RARELY laugh at jokes and this movie got me LOLing throughout. It has a witty script, really random moments, and there’s a certain disconnect with how Ted behaves and the wholesome image you have of a soft cuddly teddy that keeps you glued to the screen. I guess Seth McFarlane (Family Guy) lived up to my expectations.

Ted is this bear that came to life when lonely boy John made a wish upon a falling Christmas star. Ted grows up to be a brash and inappropriate teddy –

1. He smokes a lot of pot

2. He is very horny

3. He keeps calling John to convince him to do terrible things!

They have a very cute but also slightly vulgar thunder song:

While it’s okay for boys to play with teddies – how does this one fit into a 30+ year old man’s life?

Go catch the movie. I promise you laughter – and maybe some tears. 😥

Oh yes – it’s rated M18 (coarse language, sexual scenes and drug use – if you couldn’t tell by now). Sorry xmms and xdds.

Sneaks: 31 August – 02 September 2012
Release date: 06 September 2012 (Thursday!)

Many thanks to omy for the invite!

P.S. You can follow Ted on his Twitter account.

P.P.S. He also has a Tumblr that is rather NSFW.

P.P.P.S Look! Ted was at our KPOP comp.

Place Ted on your photos with this nifty Facebook app.

Adios amigos. xx

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