On… rollercoasters

The thought of riding on roller-coasters used to scare me. Until a friend of mine brought me to Six Flags and made me ride on every single one of them. “Don’t hold on to anything, just let go and enjoy the ride.”

Life’s a lot like that isn’t it? More often than not there are days when I don’t know what’s going on, where I’m headed, why I’m doing what I’m doing. These moments you just let go and make the best of situations, trusting that with every dip or loop-de-loop comes an ascension where you’ll get to enjoy a magnificent view.

And of course, with the hope that one day you’ll get off – the day you find your own footing in life.

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About stooffi

my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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