I’d like to think that I’m a Very Rational Person.

I think about every side of a story possible before making a decision but I’ve come to realize I do it because it’s just The Right Thing to Do. At the end of the day, my heart rules my head. Most times my heart has probably decided on a track a long time ago – my head does stuff to complicate things, make me feel all weird and lost, but at the end of the day I’ll go with what feels right.

For one, it makes me a Very Spontaneous Person. I’ll do something when I feel like doing it – I can’t sit on my feelings and wait. That’s how things like Dance for Japan, or small things like conversations with strangers come about. If you try to stop me from doing something I’ve set my mind on, I’ll feel all uneasy inside.

On the flip side, I commit to things really really fast. If it feels right, I’ll say yes… before my brain slowly erodes the enthusiasm and introduces reality – that’s when I start regretting.

I’ll go with Very Emotional Person.


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About stooffi

my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

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