Cathay Cineleisure Movie Ticket Giveaway!

A coming of age story of a young person’s interchange from child to adult – and are those as separate as we’ve been led to believe? Here’s an upcoming show that explores that notion:


Cast: Eva Mendes, Cierra Ramirez, Patricia Arquette, Matthew Modine, Eugenio Derbez
Opening: 23 August
Runtime: 88 mins

As single mom Grace juggles work, bills, and her affair with a married doctor, her daughter, Ansiedad, plots a shortcut to adulthood after finding inspiration in the coming-of-age stories she’s reading for school.

She then starts researching on coming-of-age stories and compiles a list of experiences she thinks she needs to go through to jump-start adulthood, but well, we all know that plan is going to backfire. At the end of the day, Ansiedad and Grace must learn that sometimes growing-up means acting your age.

“Being a parent doesn’t make you an adult.
Growing up doesn’t solve your problems.”

So I was gonna write about a bunch of problems girls face while growing up – but then it got me thinking, when do we grow up? What defines being grown up? You don’t reach an age and think, hey, I’m grown up. I’m 24 and yeah it sounds a little grown up but I still feel far from grown up.

I guess you could say the problems we faced as teens were a little more adolescent. Boys, school, identity, family, friendships. Now that some years have passed, nothing much has changed. Switch school out for work. There you go: boys, work, identity, family, friendships. In fact, I think problems escalate…

Tsk. Boys.

Anyways! If that got you thinking… or if you’re still distracted by Eva Mendez in that dress, the good folks at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard are giving out 3 pairs of movie tickets to a preview screening of Girl in Progress on the 21st of August 2012, 7.15pm. All you need to do is answer this question:

Which actress plays the role of Grace in Girl In Progress?

Send your entries to in the following format:

Subject: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Contest – Girl In Progress – Stephanie
Question: Which actress plays the role of Grace in Girl In Progress?

*Only the first 3 winners will be notified through email by Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.
*Incomplete entries will not qualify for the contest.

Easy peasy! Scroll up and you’ll see that I’ve given you a clue. Send away, and enjoy your movie date ☺

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