What’s new at Changi T1?

Did you know that Terminal 1 underwent a S$500 MILLION makeover???

Thanks to the good folks at Waggener Edstrom and Changi, a couple of us were invited to check out what that huge sum of money went to, and I must say, I’m super impressed man.

I think as a Singaporean I’m really not aware what our airport has to offer. We just go to the airport, check in, wander around the departure mall and then head to our boarding gates before flying off right.


Did you know that in T1 we have a cactus garden, a swimming pool and some pretty funky toilets?


Tour time.

1. Le Viewing Gallery

Has been extended, and has an excellent view of the apron and parked aircrafts. PLUS there is a floating floor, which DK tried to break by jumping on it.

2. Did you know that there’s a Transit Hotel? (ya… comic sans, I saw it too.) Rates are for blocks of 6 hours.

3. And opposite that hotel is an open-air pool that has a view of the apron and aircrafts as well??

4. And opposite that pool is an air-conditioned room with a pool table and a gym??

5. The Central Piazza has been revampe! It now looks like. The Botanical Gardens or something lol, super pretty! There was a live pianist playing there too.

6. The Arrival Immigration Hall now has a swanky new high glass façade.

7. There is a cactus garden. With a bar. ‘Nuff said.

8. Very cool Lily Pad Outdoor Deck that changes colours…aka smoking space.

9. Here you go, awesome toilets that ALSO have a fabulous view of the apron and aircrafts.

The guys get to pee and see!!

10. The Departure Hall is adorned with a really cool feature wall.

11. Who could miss the shopping at the Departure Transit Lounge. And that bear from Harrods.

12. PS we had really really good nosh from Peach Garden. THANK YOU CHANGI.

13. Last but not least, my highlight! Kinetic Rain! I think this is such a brilliantly designed moving sculpture… in fact, it’s the biggest and most complex kinetic sculpture of its kind in the world :O

There are 2 modules, and each has 608 raindrops 😮

I was really drawn in by this the first time I watched this video:

“Kinetic Rain” Changi Airport Singapore from ART+COM on Vimeo.

It really feels super therapeutic standing there, watching the 608 drops move in a really organic way, changing “formations” and stuff. I could have sat there forever. But alas it was like, almost midnight so we had to leave, before incurring ridonkulous taxi surcharges.

I might actually go there again, just to be mesmerized once more.

And that wraps up my visual tour of the revamped T1! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

P.S. Credit goes to Changi for solo pics, and others from the Sony TX20/G kindly loaned from Sony. Waterproof yo, I would like to borrow it again when I go for a beach trip.

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