Sweet Touch Lychee Fruit Beer

Aye. Try this beer. It’s called:

Sweet Touch
–Fruit Beer–

Ya, in that order.

I woke up this morning thinking, it’s going to be a good day, because Alexis asked me to watch The Secret (we’re both too lazy to read the book), and I fell asleep while watching it but the one thing I remembered was to think positive thoughts.

And I guess it worked, because first thing this morning when I stepped into the office, Jo passed me a can of beer. She was all sneaky about it, giving it to me in an Accessorize bag.

sweet touch lychee beer from taiwan

I expected the beer to taste all sweet and girly, especially since it’s called SWEET TOUCH, and it states on the can that it’s “NATURAL AND ROMANTIC” (no joke…)


It’s not too sweet. Actually I think it’s a pretty good balance between the hops , malt and lychee. You kinda get a nice blend of beer and lychee. It’s like a lychee martini but a little less girly. Not that I’m demeaning girly beer – I’m a big fan of girly beer. In fact whenever I head to The Good Beer Company I ask Daniel to recommend a good zhabor beer.

…moving on,

I guess it does have a little “sweet touch” which isn’t too overbearing. and I guess it’s NATURAL, looking at the ingredient list: barley malt, ponlai rice, hops, lychee juice, natural flavour: sounds pretty legit.

ya the only thing is I don’t quite feel very ROMANTIC right now.

but that’s okay.

sweet touch lychee beer from taiwan

from the pic, you can’t really tell cos i had to drink it down a couple o times before i could fit the can into the glass – pouring out of the can gives you quite a big beer head. whether you like this is subjective.

9% lychee juice, 3.5% alcohol. 100% satisfaction. HA. have it chilled.

[edit: I don’t know what the price is. Jo says $6++ for 2 cans, on promo now.] If you can’t find it at NTUC, it’s jo’s fault.

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