Get $5 off Shell Fuel!

Did you know that if your tyres are under inflated by just 1psi, fuel efficiency can be reduced by up to 3%?

That’s something I didn’t learn until probably about a year or two after I got my license. Nobody told me that you I had to pump your tyres every week. I didn’t do it till I could feel a drag in my driving, and well, that’s too late.

A few weeks ago I met up with a couple of folks from Edelman, Shell and Eunice Olson to talk about something I realize we should’ve learnt when we got our driver’s licences –

How to drive fuel efficiently.

Shell’s having this Target One Million campaign – and they’re hoping to educate one million people from across the globe on how to drive more efficiently and save fuel.

What’s in it for you? The more fuel you save, the more money you save. Yeah. You can go out there and buy that dress you wanted from Bonito Chico or that… I don’t know, Diablo III game.

So, to make it a more fun experience, Shell has come up with this game. It’s called the The Shell FuelSave Challenge. Play it even if you’re a not a driver because everyone who completes the game gets a S$5 Shell fuel voucher.* If you don’t need it, you can pass it to daddy or mummy or your boyfriend or girlfriend or whoever drives you around and make their day.

Trust me, ANYONE who drives would appreciate it. And it won’t take too long to play as well, unless you are bent on beating my high score. (HA!)

Which brings me to my next point, I would really love some fuel vouchers myself. And Shell is very very smart because the more people I get to play the game and educate on fuel efficiency, the more chances I have of winning vouchers. So right, when you register to play the game, please enter my referral ID – “B101“.

And right, I promise you, if I win those vouchers, and if ever I am driving and you need a lift, you just need to tell me “I helped you save money on fuel you know, B101!” and I will gladly drive you to wherever you need to be. (a nudge and a wink to my good friend DickSwagger.)

Anyway, the first time I played it I went in like it was mariocart – just zham the yiu only. (Hit the accelerator all the way.) But no, that’s not how it works. That’s not fuel efficient.

I’ll leave it for you to figure out.

At the same time, try to beat my score, which is a far cry from the dude at the top:

81585. This ranks me at 187, out of the entire country 😐

SG PRIDE YO, no1 on the global board is a SINGAPOREAN!

But I have no idea how he got close to 103,000 points because. I can’t ever go past my 80,000+++ range :<

Here’s how to register:

Have fun!! Remember to B101!

Click here to vroom vroom zoom zoom.

Ok my first tip: I think you will never be able to complete it the first time.

*T&Cs apply:

1. Only new participants who 1) registered with a valid and unique email address, 2) played the Target One Million game on Shell Singapore website, 3) have completed the first mini-game (Shell FuelSave Challenge), and 4) received the official Shell notification are entitled to the $5 Shell fuel voucher.

2. Eligibility is only valid for the first four unique email addresses per unique IP address.

3. Each participant is only entitled to one voucher only.

4. The voucher is only redeemable with a minimum $50 purchase of Shell fuels.

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