The Beetle that speaks Singlish.

Did you hear about the Beetle that speaks Singlish?



I hear there are 2 in Singapore.


Ok this kind lah. But still! IT TALKS! And we’re not talking about SIRI-esque automated bot-talk. This bug actually sounds… like a Singaporean deejay. You know, got Singlish and… neutral accent. HA.

In conjunction with long awaited 21st Century Beetle launch, the folks at Volkswagen have placed 2 social bugs, one at Knightsbridge and another at Raffles City. You can actually crawl in, talk to them, and the Beetles will have a conversation with you, even take a photo and upload it onto its Facebook page. Cool huh? Experience speaking to the car from now till 22 July Sunday, every day from 12pm to 9pm

Psst…I hear Chua Enlai and Mr Miyagi will be at Raffles City as guest voices of the Beetle on Sunday 3-5pm. So you know, you can go there and say EH I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

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