I just watched this video… I hope you don’t fast forward to the dancing part, because there are so many things either mention about the creative process that are absolute gems. I really appreciate how DS2DIO records the process 2 artists go through and not just the product!

Please watch it.

I don’t know if you felt the magic like I did.

What Clara says about how Jillian moves – it’s “fitting and almost perfect, with the way the music is. She gets it. She just gets it.” That’s what I LOVE about watching Jillian dance. She’s just one with the music! You can see it from how she’s sitting on that sofa beside the keyboard, just moving naturally, instinctively to what she hears.

I love watching her dance because she’s really using her entire body to dance; she’s dancing with her fingers; she’s dancing with her face, her eyes, oh my gosh, I really do sound infatuated don’t I??

And when Clara mentions how music turns into work – that it’s not as lighthearted as she thought it was… I realized I must make sure that my writing here, and my dancing does not turn into work. Because I already have work (and it already requires writing with too much thought). These are the two realms that must remain… un-work-ly. I would like it always to remain an escape for myself, I would always like it to be an enjoyable experience, or a learning one at least.

I’ll leave you with two nuggets that left an impression:

“I’m a firm believer that the best art is something that’s personal, even if it’s not necessarily a personal experience, but it’s personally relevant to you.”

– Jillian Meyers

“I hope viewers don’t think, I just hope that they feel.”

– Clara C., something I’ll try to remember whenever I dance.

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