Souvenir Snacks from Thailand

Okay, people ALWAYS go to BKK or wherever in Thailand and bring back the same old stuff. Either the gao sai, which is like, pork fluff tightly packed together, or the pork fluff on rice crackers. Which are okay lah, but here are some of my lesser-known favorites. I don’t even know what they’re called. I just told Jo, crispy pork cracker and pancake thing PLEASE. THANKS. and yey I have these things.


This thing. Tastes like ba kwa but thinner and crispier. According to Tannia and Tiffy, it is pork skin. And also according to Tiffy, I quote, it is “mother of good, mother of tasty!”

Jo says, go to Lim Zhen Xiang, at Yarawat. LIM ZHEN XIANG SOUNDS LIKE BEE CHENG HIANG.


This. Pancake thing. You can buy freshly made on the streets of Bangkok. I LOVE. Sweet one. with like a bit of savoury sweet coconut stuff. I suck as a food blogger.

Ok that is all.

and stop buying gao sai, it’s not nice at all.

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