That Dude I Met in DC.

I remember walking around Washington DC by myself. 2 friends and I went together on a weekend trip. I’d really wanted to visit the place.

I had just broken up with an ex-boyfriend then. The other 2 I travelled with had just gotten together. I decided it was best then to explore DC on my own. I like visiting museums on my own, anyway. You get to see the things you want to see, and spend however much time you need to spend to absorb whichever piece you fancied.

On this particular day, it was cold and rainy. I was en route to one of them Smithsonians without a brolly. I suppose it was the Museum of Natural History because of that movie, Night at the Museum or something. I had a velour jacket on, it didn’t do much to keep me from the cold or from the rain. Nobody was out. I didn’t think too much about getting wet. I think I was lost, actually.

There was a guy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere. An American ang moh. Early 20s. Curly brown hair framed his face. He had a kind face. I actually have him on Facebook but I can’t remember his name. I tried searching by city, but yeah, I wouldn’t know which city he’s from. So anyway he was holding a big sturdy black umbrella and he offered to shelter me to whichever museum I was at, and I gratefully obliged.

I don’t remember now what we talked about. I suppose it was about school; I sort of remember him saying that he would be applying for law school. He dropped me off at the basement of whichever museum it was, I thanked him and we exchanged Facebook names and carried on carrying on.

I wonder what he’s up to now.

I guess I’ll find out one day when he appears on my newsfeed again.

Anyways, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time in DC. I wish I was more serious in recording my thoughts then. I also realized in DC that I really like volunteering to help people take their photos.

Couldn’t locate the ang moh, but found some shots I took at DC on Facebook –

How could I not take a shot with Abe.

Washington Monument

Tidal Basin

One of the other highlights of my trip: meeting Ron Mueck.

The White House was smaller than I expected.

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