On… doppelgängers.

So, according to hearsay, there are 7 people out there in the world who look like you. (or 3, or 9.)

According to friends, I have 3 right here in Singapore and 1 somewhere in the US of A. Or perhaps I have a common face? For those 3 in Singapore I always get “omg, I thought you were ____” or “OMG you look exactly like ____!!” in some cases, we even “feel” the same…

I don’t really see a resemblance except for facial structure. We all have… wide faces lol. *shrugs* you be the judge!!

1. An An

Since I cannot dance like her, it is an honour just to look like her. She is a very dope dancer. Visit An An’s YouTube channel here.

😐 our eye bags both.

2. YY

My school mate from NYGH and NTU! An amazing Chinese dancer… also an amazing mandarin emcee hehe. IMO YY and I have the most similar faces of the 4, I sometimes mistake her photos for mine and vice versa!

Us at graduation – we don’t look so alike anymore after she’s chopped off her locks. 😦

3. Desiree

ALSO a dancer!! See a pattern here? I first heard of Des through NRA dancers who kept telling me that I was surely her twin. We only recently got more acquainted with each other and soon we’re gonna start dancing together! Many people have mentioned we dance alike so let’s put that theory to the test.

PURPOSELY dug for a photo with bangs ok.

I think I’m very blessed to know all my dopplegangers in Singapore. 🙂 They are all lovely people with big hearts and bubbly bubbly personalities.

4. Cynthipoo

Last one goes out to a US Marine chick that inspires me to look more hot. I’d like to think that if I worked out more and paid more attention to my diet I’d be as sexy looking as she is.

Her tumblr blog was being circulated around the Singaporean interwebs and a couple of friends actually said we look alike. Rest assured I am not half as sexy. The below photo was done in an attempt to prove that we don’t look alike ok but I guess our faces are freakishly similar. Visit her blog for more of her photos.

SO? What’s your verdict? Do we all look alike? No? Know someone else who looks similar?

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About stooffi

my name is steph. i love cute fluffy things and dancing. my interests include advertising, public relations and internet marketing. i hate writing about myself.

4 thoughts on “On… doppelgängers.

  1. I’ve heard of 3 other girls who look like me as well D: I don’t think either of them were famous.. but I’ve been told that I resemble Cher Lloyd.. Not sure how much I like that. LOL. She’s a great singer tho! : D

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