Damatory Korean Wine House

Checked out this new “Korean Wine House” at Robertson Quay – was drawn by their seating arrangements, like so legit, they have tables where you have to sit cross legged.

Don’t be fooled by the name,

1. It’s not a dormitory
2. They serve food too.

le exterior

le interior. cute righttt.

my main draw: makgeoli. i fell in love with this drink in Korea. It’s a rice wine which is sweet, refreshing and has like 100 times more lactobacilli than Yakult, #truestory.


le company for the night. minus one. we sat at the normal non-cross-legged tables because jo and i were wearing dresses. no zhaogengs for us.


drinking started early. each bottle costs $20, is good for 4-6 servings.


japchae and acorn jelly salad



BOSSAM this pork thing. OMG it was so good. very tender, came with different kinds of kimchi and chilli sauce to use while wrapping it in a vegetable leaf.


kimchi pancake! really good as well :D~~~


yukhoe!!! looking at this makes my mouth water again. I’m so glad my colleagues enjoy this dish too because most Singaporeans look at me with disgust when i want to order raw beef. yukhoe is raw beef mixed with garlic, onion, sesame oil and some other stuff… and then you mix it again with asian pear, which lends it a kick with its crunch.


of course, my beverage of choice. we had 3 bottles of makgeoli.


and barley tea to wash it all down.

ah, drinking on a monday night. makes you forget it’s monday.

all that food, 3 bottles of makgeoli & 3 servings of barley tea cost 4 of us about $45 each. a little pricey, but a good price to pay for authentic korean food, drinks and good company.

i guess another good indicator of the quality of the stuff served here is that it’s teeming with koreans, plus we went with ilmo, our korean colleague (not pictured) who loved the food too!!

Damatory Korean Wine House
11 Unity Street
#01-30/31 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
+65 6235 6787

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