Reformer Pilates at The Moving Body

reformer pilates

Jem and I went back for Reformer Pilates at The Moving Body!

I forgot to ask this question so I had to do some research and reading on my own –

What’s the difference between yoga and pilates?

The same image pops to my mind when I think yoga/pilates – a toned woman in a sports bra (ya, i know) stretching in some pose on a mat.


  • Originated from the East
  • Focuses on energy flow
  • Goal: keep the body supple through movement and stretching


  • Originated from the West by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate injured soldiers after WWI
  • It’s actually more common for pilates to be done on machines, like the reformer that we used and the cadillac. These use pulleys and springs to create resistance, whereas on mat pilates (developed later), your own body is used to create resistance (in this way, it’s more like yoga).
  • Goal: physical conditioning through stretching and strengthening

Both require both brain and body, but in very different ways. For yoga, it’s more meditative, for pilates, it’s more about concentration. Both, however, do build strength and flexibility.

For the dancers out there, pilates is actually very good for us cos it’s an effective way to improve body awareness and alignment!


So these are reformers:

They basically help you work out your body while forcing you to maintain a good posture.

Before we began working on the reformer, our instructor Michelle gave us an introduction to breathing using the pilates method – breathing laterally. I know right, what does that mean? I’ve never given so much thought to breathing in my life. (aha. now you are aware of the way you are breathing.)

Here we are, worshipping Michelle and her pilates prowess.

Ok actually we are focusing on inhaling and expanding our ribs, with the help of a ball that we’re slumped over.


Next, we learnt to exhale the pilates way.

That’s me, caressing my uterus.

Ok I am really learning to pull in my pelvic bones and my abs while exhaling.

Then we got onto the reformer!!

I am all pensive and focused okay.

First we did a little jumping jumping to tone our legs. What happens is that you’re lying on your back on the reformer, but jumping horizontally off a jump board that’s attached!

Here’s Michelle demonstrating how to use the reformer with a jump board to tone legs + abs. Yes. She is super toned.

And then some exercises that focused on arms and abs…

This one focused on the glutes and abs as well…

For these exercises you can really see how the reformer is used to keep our backs in the correct alignment. If I were to do the jumping exercises on the floor without a reformer, I can imagine not being able to maintain a good back posture and to pull up throughout. Also, the impact on your knees is much less!

The reformer can also be used to strengthen our arms and back.

Talk about LUNGES man, the reformer takes it to the next level!

and finally… cooling down.

Similar to the after effects of GYROTONIC®, I was shocked at how much more grounded to the floor I was after this reformer pilates session. Within an hour, our postures were also much better – shoulders back and out, weight equally supported by both legs and both sides of the hip.

Reformer pilates would also make a good workout – with each exercise I could really feel the muscles working, and that one machine really gave us a full body workout.

Coupled with lateral breathing, I can see how your core muscles would be strengthened, lengthened and toned in the long run.

Read Jem’s take on Reformer Pilates.

Here’s the cost breakdown for pilates at The Moving Body:

Cardio Reformer & Reformer Pilates
  • Walk in rate – $50 per class
  • 10-session package – $450
  • 20-session package – $400 (more wu hua!)
Mat Pilates
  • Walk in rate – $30
  • 10-session and 20-session packages – $250. (might as well get 20?)
Free trial classes are available too!

For more information, visit The Moving Body‘s official website.

Many thanks to Marc & Belicia for inviting us down!

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