Even better than Benetint

Introducing… the tints I have!


L-R: Benefit’s Benetint, Etude House’s Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Pink, and in Cherry Red.

I find tints great in that they last for a pretty long time and you can use them on both your cheeks and your lips. Plus, you just need a little to go a long way. To apply, simply dot a few (3-4) dots on your cheeks and lips (1-2) and blend quickly. Blend quickly!!! If not you’ll end up with… dots.

I also prefer tints to lip gloss because I really can’t stand it when I have a layer of goop on my lips. or when the wind bows and hair gets stuck to my lips -_-

A lot of people swear by Benetint so I got myself a sampler (2.5ml, $9.50 from qoo10) to try before deciding on getting a bottle (which retails for about SGD$53). Touted as “the best rose-tinted cheek and lip stain”, it’s supposed to lend a very natural flush. However, it doesn’t really turn out well on my skin (which is slightly tanned)… I end up having to apply it a few times before I can see a visible flush.

Bought myself Etude House’s Cherry Tint in 2 shades (you can get it from under $10 at qoo10) a while back. It has cherry extract and smells like cherry (ok, a little like cough mixture). I find that it does a way better job in brightening me up, and it helps that it isn’t too hard on your wallet.

Some swatches:


After blending about 20 seconds after application:


As you can see, Benetint stains the least of the lot. I suppose if you have a fair complexion it would work better. Etude House’s Cherry Tint stains a LOT; and fast too, so blend immediately! Obviously you shouldn’t wait for 20s to pass before blending. Here’s a sample of how they all look like upon blending immediately:


Yup. Benetint really doesn’t do much for me.

So consider Etude House’s Cherry Tint!! For a fifth of the price, it’s a really strong contender.

I love using it especially on my lips cos I look weird with full pigment lipsticks on… the tints lend a colour which is subtle, but just enough to make me not look like a walking zombie. The only qualm I have is that all 3 aren’t very moisturizing, so it might help to apply some balm before or after applying the tint.

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