7-11 it’s a store and more

DID YOU KNOW DID YOU KNOW that 7-11 (in UE square) now has ODEN?… with mee goreng? (??) (very Singaporean, cross culture fusion all)

So I flipped out when I saw the sign. and all these images ran through my head…

MEE GORENG!!!! – ok, I lowered my expectations a little, and imagined instant mee goreng. which still love with all my heart for all its unhealthy msg-filled goodness.

pic credit: kattebelletje

pic credit: violintiara

pic credit: foodiefriday

and ODEN!!!

pic credit: 555.five.chips.jp

pic credit: foodlabasia

pic credit: kibun.co.jp


So I excitedly skipped into the shop and ordered. So cheap!!! $2.50 only!!! For mee goreng and 3 items or for 5 items!!


The man make for you summore! Like a hawker! Who is serving instant cup noodles!


And the result:


Enjoyed the processed food – ordered fuzhou fishball, meatball with cheese and cheese tofu. nyum nyum! but the mee goreng was not up to instant mee goreng par. indomie is still my no1…

(ok I have to put a disclaimer here – because I ordered the mee goreng version it wasn’t quite oden-ey, there wasn’t any “soup” that came with it. what I had was just like, boiled processed food… wait, which is like oden right?… wait, I’m confused. If anyone has ordered the 5 item option please enlighten me.)


I ordered a waffle too.


Freshly made!! Choose from chocolate, kaya or peanut butter.



Yummy!! Waffle batter had pandan in it so it was very pang. Super worth the $1 I paid for it. $1!!!

My entire meal cost me … $3.50!!!! BUDGET FTW.

BTW Jem was with me and had no choice but to eat at 7-11 too. She went with kimchi instant noodles.



I don’t think she was very happy.

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