GYROTONIC® at The Moving Body

Jem and I had the opportunity to try out some supersonic GYROTONIC® at The Moving Body. And yeah, must be in all caps with the registered trademark lol when I read it I also feel like i am shouting…



If you’ve never heard of GYROTONIC® before, well, I hadn’t either.

Some fast facts:

    • GYROTONIC® was invented by an ex-dancer who ruptured his Achilles tendon and damaged a spinal disc
    • The GYROTONIC® system consists of circular and fluid movements that stretch and strengthen muscles, as well as mobilize joints of the body.
    • GYROTONIC® equipment apply constant resistance; which eliminates the jarring at the start and end of a movement, where most injuries occur.
Soooo… Audrey, our instructor, first gave us a speedy introduction to GYROTONIC®, the machine that we were going to use, how to use it, then proceeded with some chest, neck and back stretching exercises, shoulder “opening” exercises and finally exercises that focus on the back and posture.
(If you look reaaaally closely you will see Marc, who was the one that kindly invited us for this session.)

What I liked about it was that it’s actually pretty relaxing, and the after effects feel like you just had a massage. The equipment we were on really helped us stretch certain muscles and utilize certain joints that we might otherwise not be able to with unaided body movement. (At one point, she asked me to feel and use my shoulder blade. I was perplexed.)

I was also pleasantly surprised that after about just 10 reps in one arm, I could feel the difference in the worked shoulder and the shoulder that I hadn’t started on yet. Of course, after working both shoulders I felt… like a load was off my shoulders!!

Another thing that GYROTONIC® is really good for is correcting posture (and thus, probably great for people with spinal problems). Audrey had us walk around the studio for a good few minutes just to be more aware of how we were walking – if our weight was more on the balls or on the heels of our feet, if we were walking chest first, or letting our legs lead, etc. Then she made us balance on each foot to see if we had any difficulty.

After getting a good sense of how we walked, we proceeded to lie with our backs on the machine, and our legs strapped into these… strappy things that were attached to light weights on the machine. We then did some exercises, like cycling, bringing our legs up and down, all done with our backs straight and plastered to the bench. And when we completed those, I could really feel a difference in how I walked – my feet felt more grounded and I felt more stable. and it was awesome. We were balancing better as well.

There definitely was a change I could feel from this short session we had with Audrey. I appreciated that nothing was too strenuous or overbearing – some days you just don’t feel like engaging in such activity, especially after a long day at work. It’s been 2 days since, and I still feel like I’m walking with better posture!

Read Jem’s take on GYROTONIC®.

For new clients, they are offering classes at $500 for any of the following bundles of classes.

  • 3 Private + 5 Equipment
  • 3 Private + 3 Equipment + 3 Mat
  • 5 Private

If you feel that it’s a little too steep, give it a try first. There are complimentary trial classes are available! You can also check out for more details. They do offer pilates classes, physiotherapy and massages too 🙂

Jem & I have 2 more sessions to attend, will be blogging about our experiences so watch this space.

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