Dance For You // k0szzz / hua / kosmic

Yeahhhhh it’s finally out!

If you haven’t heard of Fredy Kosman, he’s an amazing instructor and an even more amazing dancer…


looks so KPOP star right.

and perhaps I can also add YOUTUBE star because not only are his videos highly watched, 2 of his vids have crossed 1 million views –

Rihanna’s Rude Boy

and Where Have You Been

In case you can’t tell, Fredy’s energy is crazy. I love going for his classes and doing his choreo because he really inspires me to push myself when I dance, embrace my inner sexiness and ehem, try to absorb his energy. Plus though he’s big in talent and has like fivethousandmilliongazillion views on his YouTube account I appreciate that he’s still a humble guy that just loves dancing and sharing his passion.

So recently, Fredy decided to do a concept video to Beyonce’s “Dance for You”. The lead is Ah Hua / Xuehui (someone you’ll find familiar if you watch all his class videos) – who is a super young and very talented, versatile dancer.

I also had the chance to chap jit ka and support this production with the rest of Kosmic crew!

This was the original choreo:

(in it you can see Marcia!!! who is also a Kosmic girl but who couldn’t join us for the shoot :<)

Kosmic Crew –


My ladies who are so committed to their craft… I swear I’ve learnt something from each and every one of them and enjoy performing with them so much!!! SO MUCH LOVE!!! They’re all so good that they really push me to improve in terms of performance and technicality to meet their level. It’s a blessing to be part of this team.

SOOOO yeah! The shoot was pretty no frills and so professionally done thanks to Jaze and Irwin, and Jerry! Many thanks to you guys for taking time to shoot us 🙂

Here are some pics from “behind the scenes” –


gearing up and getting cray


decked in denim


pulling off a mr bean


lee shooting her indiv shot


checking out how their shoot went


zhili & mel


sexy lee


samsam & i


kosman loves his makeup :b

and here Fredy does a little introduction…

andddd last but not least, here’s the final product:

If you like what you see, Fredy and Ah Hua (and loads of like, perhaps the best dancers in SG) teach at O School! See you there 🙂




HA. just had to post that cos I think it looks cool.

p.s. – props if you watched ALL THE VIDEOS!!

4 thoughts on “Dance For You // k0szzz / hua / kosmic

  1. I went through every single video >: D YAY props for me! WOW everybody looks amazing! I always loved dancing, but sadly my purpose in life is definitely not dancing :C I suck at it real’ hard. -sob- I wanted to dance since I was like 11, but dancing classes are expensive here in Denmark, so my parents wouldn’t let me. I became a girl scout instead and I hated all 3 years of it. I always admire and envy people who get to do as they wish : D You all did a marvelous job!

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