I do not photosynthesize.

I get a bath of sunlight every weekday.

You see, there are three huge glass window panels adjacent to where I’m sitting. By right, they should all be fitted with blinds. I mean, they all are. Just that the one that’s directly adjacent to me has blinds that are broke (ie cannot be pulled down).

The angle of the sun in the morning, the way the window panel is framed, and the height of the window panel – all these factors line up by some sort of divine appointment, to direct sunlight, directly on me. Woe, what have I done to deserve a natural spotlight / a halo of warmth around me?

It is, at times, irritating and glaring. But I shall think the better of it. It’s God’s way of telling me to wake up, because it’s a beautiful day, every day.


[edit: they have since fixed the problem. ]

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